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Help House News: Coat Closet opens; help someone stay warm this winter

Help House has announced the winners of the Kansas State and Kansas University afghan raffle fundraiser. Dee Hobelman, of Topeka, was the winner of the Kansas State University afghan, and Rae Colson, of Overbrook, took home the Kansas University afghan.

Help House held a “May the best team win” competition as part of the fun. The winner was Kansas University with 590 tickets sold and Kansas State University with 366  tickets sold. The raffle raised a  total of $1,205 to help purchase food for the food pantry.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Peggy Kampsen, of Vassar, for all the hours she put into creating those beautiful afghans and donating them for this fundraiser, and to everyone who purchased tickets or just made donations to the food pantry. Thank you so much.

Coat Closet opens

Thursday, Oct. 1, the seventh annual Coat Closet will open. We will need to have anyone wishing to shop for coats for themselves or for their families to make an appointment to do so. This is due to our guidelines and restrictions for COVID-19.

We are currently asking for donations of coats and warm hats and gloves – all sizes from infant’s, boys, girls, men’s 3X to women’s 3X. Please make sure they are clean and in good repair. Any donations must also be dropped off by appointment.

The last several years we have given out 200 to 250 coats a year. So if you have some in your closet or put away in storage that you or your family can no longer wear, please consider sharing with someone who may not have even one.

Thanksgiving basket signup

On Oct. 1, those who qualify may begin signing up for the Thanksgiving food baskets. There will not be a Christmas food basket this year. Quantity will be limited, so be sure to sign up early. Recipients must be pre-registered.

Pet policy

Help House has adopted a new pet policy: Only certified service animals are allowed inside the building. Certification papers and shot records must be provided and on file. If unable to provide this proof, we also may take your food order curbside if you let us know at the time you make the appointment.

Challenges overcome

We have had a challenging year so far as has everyone. With all of the restrictions and safety protocols we are following to keep those who seek our services and all of our wonderful volunteers safe, our numbers have been a little lower than normal, but we are beginning to see our numbers increase as we go into the fall season. Total July households served were 131 and August households totaled 153, with year to date total households at 1,264. We no longer have to do curbside pickup but are limiting the number of individuals allowed in the building at one time. We also take temperatures of everyone before they enter the building, and wearing gloves, which are provided along with masks if you do not have your own, is mandatory. With all of this in place we have remained COVID free. We understand that having to make appointments to shop and even to make donations is not ideal. The donations we take in are limited as they have to remain “in quarantine” for a week before it is safe for the volunteers to sort through them. We appreciate your help and understanding as we hope and pray the end of all of this comes sooner than later.

Evergy matching grants

We have learned that if you or someone you know works for Evergy, the company has a matching grant program for charitable contributions by employees. If the employee makes a donation and chooses to designate Help House of Osage County as recipient, Evergy will match their contribution and send the funds to Help House. How great is that? We really appreciate their support.

Thank you

Help House would like to thank Euclid Lodge 101, of Lyndon, for their $500 donation to the food pantry that was given in August.

United Way of Flint Hills

We would like to ask that when you have the opportunity, that you give to support United Way of the Flint Hills. They are a big supporter of Help House through grants, our food pantry, and utility assistance funds.

Sharing collections

On Aug. 20, the Morris County Fair and Share, along with Osage County Help House and Lyon County Salvation Army, collected food items with the support of the United Way of the Flint Hills. Items collected were divided among these agencies that support food banks. Help House received 716 food items and $106 in cash to purchase additional food items.

Special dietary needs?

Did you know that the Help House food pantry has a section of specialty foods for those with special dietary needs, including low or no salt, sugar free, and gluten free foods. We want to not just feed the hungry, but help everyone eat healthy as well. So if you are making a food donation, these items would be of great help.

For more information, or to make an appointment for any reason, call 785-828-4888 during regular hours: 4-7 p.m. Monday evenings, or 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday through Friday; or email Help House is at 131 W. 15th St., Lyndon, Kan.

Information thanks to Raylene Quaney, Help House.

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