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Silver Haired Legislator needed for Osage County

The Silver Haired Legislature elections will be held March 17, 2021. Osage County currently has no representative. The East Central Kansas Area Agency on Aging is seeking individuals who are age 60 and over in Osage County to run for this position. Information on the role and duty of a Silver Haired Legislator is below:

What is the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature?

The Kansas Silver Haired Legislature is a unicameral legislature composed of 125 representatives. All are over 60 and are elected from their county residence. Wyandotte, Johnson, Shawnee and Sedgwick counties have five additional delegates. The legislature provides an educational experience in the political process and provides an opportunity to identify priority concerns of Kansas senior citizens. The SHL develops bills and resolutions which are presented to the Kansas Legislature and the Governor as recommendations for state policy.

What is the Purpose of Silver Haired Legislature?

  • To educate – Participation provides experience in the political process
  • To inform – Actions of the SHL inform the public and the Kansas Legislature on concerns of the elderly
  • To involve – The SHL provides more than 412,000 seniors a way to become involved

How is the Silver Haired Legislature Funded?

The SHL is funded by donations and volunteer help. Contributions are tax deductible and may be made payable to the “SHL Treasurer” and sent to the treasurer or to an area agency on aging.

Who may become a Silver Haired Legislator?

Any Kansan aged 60 and over who is a registered voter may file for candidacy.  The term of office is two years and members may be re-elected for three successive terms.

How are Silver Haired Legislators elected?

Silver Haired Legislator elections are conducted by the Area Agencies on Aging across the state every two years. Candidate registration forms, petitions and filing instructions are available from any area agency on aging.

What are the responsibilities of a Silver Haired Legislator?

  • Advocate for legislation introduced by the SHL
  • Testify at hearings on SHL legislation
  • Meet with seniors in their county/district on SHL legislation affecting the elderly
  • Attend scheduled SHL meetings and SHL annual session

How to get involved?

To become a candidate, obtain the rules and procedures from the East Central Kansas Area Agency on Aging at 785-242-7200. Filing deadline is Feb. 12, 2021.


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