Giddy-up: Horse show kicks off Overbrook Osage County Fair

080613-kids-gamesA group of kids were eager to get to the starting line on their stick horses, during children’s games and activities at the Overbrook Osage County Fair Horse Show, Saturday. Photo by Marty Young.

The Overbrook Osage County Fair officially gets under way Wednesday, but the horse show, the first event of the fair, was held Saturday at the Overbrook Fairgrounds arena. Results of the Overbrook Osage County Fair Horse Show have been announced as follows:

  • Grand Champion Senior Showmanship: Tricia Knauber, NO
  • Reserve Champion Senior Showmanship: Nikita Schoepflin, WW
  • Grand Champion Intermediate Showmanship: Calvin Young, NO
  • Reserve Champion Intermediate Showmanship: Alexis Boland, NO
  • Grand Champion Junior Showmanship: Alexis Studebaker, B
  • Reserve Champion Junior Showmanship: Alyssa Hogelin, VBR
  • Grand Champion Gelding: Tricia Knauber, NO
  • Reserve Champion Gelding: Ethan Quaney, NO
  • Grand Champion Mare: Nikita Schoepflin, WW
  • Reserve Champion Mare: Alexis Studebaker, B
  • Grand Champion Mini/Pony: Calvin Young, NO
  • Reserve Champion Mini/Pony: Bonnie Young, NO
  • Grand Champion Timed Events-Senior: Ethan Quaney, B
  • Reserve Champion Timed Events-Senior: Tricia Knauber, NO
  • Grand Champion Timed Events-Intermediate: Bonnie Young, NO
  • Reserve Champion Timed Events-Intermediate: Calvin Young, NO
  • Grand Champion Timed Events-Junior: Alyssa Hogelin, VBR
  • Reserve Champion Timed Events-Junior: Alexis Studebaker, B
  • High Point Senior: Ethan Quaney, B
  • Reserve High Point Senior: Tricia Knauber, NO
  • High Point Intermediate: Bonnie Young, NO
  • Reserve High Point Intermediate: Calvin Young, NO
  • High Point Junior: Alyssa Hogelin, VBR
  • Reserve High Point Junior: Alexis Studebaker, NO
  • Sportsmanship Award-Senior Division: Nikita Schoepflin, WW
  • Sportsmanship Award-Intermediate Division: Bonnie Young, NO

4-H clubs and members participating in the show were:

  • Burlingame 4-H Club: Ethan Quaney, Alexis Studebaker.
  • North Osage 4-H Club: Bonnie Young, Calvin Young, Wylie Young, Alexis Boland, Brook Boland, Tricia Knauber, Josh Knauber.
  • Vassar Blue Ribbon: Alyssa Hogelin.
  • Willing Workers 4-H Club: Nikita Schoepflin, Miah McCue.

Photo and information thanks to Marty Young.

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