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Filings in the Osage County Courthouse, April 30 – May 6, 2021.

The following information was compiled April 30, 2021 to May 6, 2021 from records at the Osage County Courthouse, Lyndon, Kan.

State Cases

  • Kansas Department of Revenue v. Keith A. Wainwright. Income tax warrant. Filed 04/30/21. Amount: $454.17. 21ST072
  • Kansas Department of Revenue v. Vicki A. Crichton. Income tax warrant. Filed 05/05/21. Amount: $1,136.13. 21ST074

Probate Cases

  • Gerald D. Marten. File will. Filed 05/05/21. 21PR026

Limited Cases

  • Lyon-Coffey Electric Coop Inc. v. Cody Nolan. Recovery of money. Filed 05/04/21. Amount: $226.82, plus interest, costs and other. 21LM082
  • LVNV Funding LLC v. Denise E. Hite. Recovery of money. Filed 05/06/21. Amount: $5,575.69, plus interest, costs and other. 21LM083
  • Discover Bank v. Randall A. Wilson. Recovery of money. Filed 05/06/21. Amount: $16,296.94, plus interest, costs and other. 21LM084

Civil Cases

  • Alyssa N. Van Verth. Petition for name change. Filed 04/30/21. 21CV016
  • Kenneth S. Graybeal v. Osage County Sherriff’s Office. Petition to expunge arrest record. Filed 05/05/21. 21CV017

Domestic Cases

  • Sealed. 21DM061
  • Sealed. 21DM062
  • Kansas Department for Children and Families and Jessica R. Rogers v. Evan K. Marconette. Petition to determine paternity and support. Filed 05/03/21. 21DM063

Marriage Licenses

  • Travis D. Norton and Marilyn R. Gnehm. Filed 04/27/21. 21MA027
  • Cary K. Mah and Sally R. Dickson. Filed 04/30/21. 21MA028
  • Quentin J. Ouellette and Angela M. Reeves. Filed 04/30/21. 21MA029
  • Juell D. Moulden and Shawn S. Hitt. Filed 04/30/21. 21MA030


  • Kirk E. Gleason to Bradley E. Clark and Elizabeth F. Maisberger-Clark. Tract NW Corner NE 1/4 6-15-16.
  • Franklin A. Rhodes and Sherri L. Rhodes to Timothy W. Nesbitt Sr. and Laurie L. Nesbitt. Lots 1 and 3, Block 11, Original Overbrook.
  • Aaron Brucker to Logan J.J. Winsky. Lots 1-4 and 13-16, Block 24, Bailey and Gilliland’s Addition, Lyndon.
  • Brian R. Tyrell, Jennifer L. Coughlin and Gregory Coughlin to K. Scott Roberts and Heather J. Roberts. Tract SW Corner SE 1/4 30-18-16.
  • William F. Gloy and Shirley M. Gloy to Teresa A. Harford. Lots 1-3, Block 19, Original Lyndon.
  • The Tevis Family Trust to Samuel C. Flatin and Kristen K. Flatin. E 1/2 NE 1/4 7-18-16 less tracts NE corner.
  • David M. Young, Ellen K. Young, John A. Young and Elizabeth A. Young to David D. Garrison and Samantha M. Garrison. Lot 14, Block 14, Wetherell’s Addition, Osage City.
  • Robert S. Hall Jr. and Bonnie G. Hall to Daniel Leonard and Jamie Leonard. NE 1/4 SE 1/4 6-14-14 and Tract SE Corner SE 1/4 6-14-14.
  • Sherril A. Unruh Revocable Living Trust to Cameron Manuel and Morgan Manuel. Tract NW Corner NE 1/4 4-17-17.
  • Sara C. Colt Trust to Ryder C. Jackson and Amy I. Jackson. NE 1/4 36-17-13 less tract SE Corner E 1/2 NE 1/4.
  • Ronald R. Shaffer and Christine A. Shaffer to Brogan Zerbe. Tract Lot 15, Block 34, Original Burlingame.
  • Todd D. Watts and Jessica A. Watts to Gabriel J. Fonticoba. Lots 23 and 24 and Part 25, Siesta Pomona.
  • Christina M. Weber and Eric D. Weber to Zachary V. Will and Anna C. Salazar. Tract SW Corner SE 1/4 11-15-14.
  • Brian Ertle and Tammy M. Ertle to Tagged Out 156 LLC. NW 1/4 34-17-17.
  • Hi-Plains Inc. to Joel Gher. SW 1/4 NW 1/4 and NW 1/4 SW 1/4 5-18-16.
  • Norman R. Meiers and Kim Meiers to Bryan Sharp and Barbara Sharp. E 1/2 Lots 87 and 89, Fifth Street, Vaughn’s Addition, Quenemo.
  • Lloyd P. Isaacs and Kathy J. Isaacs to Joel Ruiz-Pineda and Cynthia A. Ruiz-Pineda. Lots 7 and 9, Block 14, Original Osage City.
  • Arlo D. Bell and Gladys E. Bell to Donald E. Hook and Jenise L. Hook. SE 1/4 2-17-15 less tract S 1/2.
  • Mark L. McEndree and Katherine McEndree to Matthew S. Turner and Heather M. Turner. Lots 14 and 15, Sail-A-Way Estates South.
  • Paul Heronime to Mary Nesbitt. W 1/2 NW 1/4 8-14-16.
  • Shane E. Young and Debbie Young to Paul Mohler. Part Lot 3 and All 5, Block 5, Original Overbrook.
  • Darius S. Lee and Hattie L. Lee to Barrington Installation LLC. Lot 10, Block B, McCormick Subdivision B, Carbondale.
  • Erin L. Auman to Sterling V. Hughs. Lots 7, 9 and 11, Block 19, Original Osage City.
  • Letitia Garber and Levi Garber to Bianca Bailey. Lot 17, LDL Investments LLC Addition, Lyndon less tract NW Corner.
  • Matt Sowers and Jamie Sowers to Steve Schlabach and Debra Schlabach. Tract W 1/2 NW 1/4 30-17-17.
  • Kevin A. Jones and JoyAnnette Jones to Paul Tenn. Tract NE Corner 9-16-17.
  • Robert Malott to Rita M. Eraas. S 1/2 S 1/2 NE 1/4 5-14-17.


  • MERS (Bank of England) to Christopher Collins and Jessica M. Collins. Lots 2, 4 and 6, Block 13, Dodd’s and Boyd’s Addition, Osage City.
  • MERS (American Southwest Mortgage Corp.) to James W. Moore and Cynthia L. Moore. Tract NW Corner SE 1/4 31-16-16.
  • MERS (Flat Branch Mortgage Inc.) to Taylor Bishop and Dalton Mitchell. Lot 1, Block A, Pine View Subdivision.
  • Landmark National Bank to Terri S. Rhoads. Lot 9, Tucker Subdivision C, Carbondale.
  • Citizens State Bank to CNC Properties LLC. Lots 8 and 10, Block 6, Original Melvern.
  • First Security Bank to Terry L. Fiegener and Tracy R. Fiegener. Tracts NE Corner SE 1/4 10-15-16.
  • Vision Bank to John H. Maxwell and Mary E. Maxwell. Tract SW Corner SW 1/4 33-14-14.
  • Quicken Loans Inc. to Michael T. Hastings. Tract S 1/2 7-14-15.
  • Navy Federal Credit Union to Eldon E. Hinck. Tract SW Corner 23-15-14.
  • Bank of Osage City to Kenneth J. Kuykendall, Lori Kuykendall, David L. Flax and Nina J. Flax. SE 1/4 23-17-14.
  • MERS (Home Loan Center Inc.) to Jeff K. Payne and Sheila A. Payne. Lots 1-12, Enora’s Addition (NE 1/4 3-15-16).
  • Lyndon State Bank to Letitia Garber and Levi Garber. Lot 17, LDL Investments LLC Addition, Lyndon.
  • Envista Credit Union to Casey D. Smith and Julie K. Smith. Tract Block 3, Fairchild’s Addition, Overbrook (NE 1/4 NE .
  • 1/4 6-15-17).
  • Frontier Farm Credit to Donald W. Hamilton and Vicki L. Hamilton. SW 1/4 19-14-14.
  • Bank of Osage City to Justin M. Hensley and Christine A. Hensley. Tracts NW Corner NE 1/4 16-17-14.

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