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Meet a local 4-Her: Allison Reeser, future botanist

My name is Allison Reeser, and I’m a member of the Melvern Jr. Highline 4-H Club. This is my seventh year in 4-H and my third year in horticulture. Horticulture is a critical project for me to take and learn from because I want to become a genetic botanist. In my horticulture project, I have learned many skills that will help me with my future plans, such as how to prune a plant or flower, clean your herbs before using them, and dry and store herbs for the winter properly.

My favorite project I showed this year for horticulture was my purple basil. At the Osage County Fair, my purple basil received grand champion in horticulture. I then went on to take it to the Overbrook fair, where it received a blue. Finally, I had the honor of taking it to the Kansas State Fair, where it received a blue.

I’m excited to see what my next year of horticulture has in store for me.

Celebrating National 4-H Week
Oct. 3-9, 2021

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