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Letters to Santa from Lyndon second graders

Students in Mrs. Hurt’s second grade class at Lyndon Elementary School wrote letters to Santa this year and Santa shared their Christmas spirit with us.

Dear Santa,

Why do reindeer pull your sleigh? Is Mrs. Claus magic? Where does snow come from? Where do reindeer come from? Does the mailman deliver our cards or do you just know what we want for Christmas? I want magic tracks and Spiderman powers and a servant robot. Please and Thank you.

Love, Ryker

Dear Santa,

How do you get your reindeer to fly? Do you have night vision? How much snow do you have? I will give Rudolph carrots.  What time do you get at my home? I want a remote control Santa and KU stuff.

Love, Jaxson

Dear Santa,

How many presents do you need? 100,000. I love Christmas.  I love Christmas because of presents for me.  I want Mecagodzilia and Godzzila and KingKong and a nerf gun.

From, Tevin

Dear Santa,

How does Christmas magic work in the North Pole? Does Mrs Claus bake the best cookies? How do you keep warm? What I want for Chiristmas:

A hoverboard

A pack of the funniest fidgets

A sewing kit and fabric

A tablet

A pretty dress

Love your friend, Ellie

Dear Santa,

I am happy that Christmas is near.  What does Rudolph eat? What do elves do? When do other people get presents? I want lego Avengers.  I want a remote control boat that goes on the water.

Your friend, Cade

Dear Santa,

I would like an action figure wrestler.  What do you like to eat for breakfast?

Love, Clint

Dear Santa,

I want a Diary of Wimpy Kid book.  I want 50 colored pencils.

From, Colton

Dear Santa,

I want a PS5.  I want a game.  I want one hundred dollars.  Thank you!  Where do you get your sleigh?

From, A J

Dear Santa,

I would like a logo speed car.  What do your reindeer eat? Where do you go when there isn’t a chimney? I would also want some Disney cars.

Love, Gannon

Dear Santa,

Is Rudolph real? What does Rudolph eat? I want a metal detector for Christmas.

From, Nova

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want candy and another thing is food.  Santa what does Rudolph like to eat? Santa for Christmas I want a horse. Santa do you have relatives?

From, Cooper

Dear Santa,

I would like a big truck with a remote.

From, Jorden

Dear Santa,

What do you do when you run out of elves on the shelves? What do you do when you have a bad kid? What I want is a LOL for me to have.  I want to have vet stuff. I want cat stuff for my cats.  Thank you! I want mini brands.

Love, Lily

Dear Santa,

I would like a 4 wheeler and Mini Brands.  What kind of cookies do you eat Santa?

Love, Jayda

Dear Santa,

How does the toy machine work? How does school help our brains?  I want a fake big pony, 500 Mini Brands and one thing for my mom.  Please, Please!

Love, Faith

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