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LTE: Society can help uncover secrets of Osage County history

Dear Editor,

Today at the Osage County Historical Society, I enjoyed visiting with a guest. She dropped by because she is interested in family history. She wants to learn more about how her family came to live, work, and play, here, in Osage County. What interesting stories might be discovered about her relatives? Where did everyone come from, and what happened to some of them? This is something we, here at the historical society, can help her (and you) unearth.

This lady and I spent a delightful time together this afternoon. She told me of her family, names, and where they lived. Then, I was able to pull out an atlas from 1918, and together we found her family’s property, the church they attended, and where they went to school, all located on the map. A few stories later, we were poring over a page with a photograph of her father waving a flag at school, a newspaper article written by her mother in 1958, and even the meaning behind the old school name.

This lady hales from the southern part of the county, however, we hold information from all over Osage County. Did you know the towns of Carbondale and Scranton both turn 150 years old this year? Both are planning celebrations showcasing the life of their communities. Many more of our communities will likely be celebrating significant events in the years to come.

Where was your family located? Who owned your storefront business many years ago? Did great-aunt Maude really elope like your cousin says? While not every family leaves us photographs, if a person lived in Osage county, we can usually find some trace of them. You could be surprised at what we may be able to dig up on your own ancestors. Why not do what our guest did this afternoon and come see for yourself? Find out what ties you, your property, or your family to this great place to live.


Lynsay Flory, OCHS director

Editor’s note: For more information about Osage County Historical Society, stop by at 631 Topeka Ave., Lyndon, Kan., call 785-828-3477, or email

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