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133rd Street east of Carbondale to be closed for bridge repair

The first of many road closures planned for bridge repair in Osage County in upcoming months is expected to begin next Tuesday.

Osage County road and bridge supervisor Glen Tyson announced Monday that his office had been notified by the contractor of the planned Sept. 3 closure of 133rd Street between Croco Road and Berryton Road.

The bridge at that location is part of Phase 1 of the bridge project that included replacement of two haunch or concrete slab bridges, with the one on 133rd Street, which is a county road east of Carbondale, and the other on Davis Road, north of 125th Street.

Tyson said the period of time the road will be closed depends on the weather. The contractor for the job, Ebert Construction Co., Wamego, will be allowed 140 working days to complete the project.

Ebert offered the low bid for the first phase of the bridge project, bidding $533,765 to construct the two bridges. The company also offered the low bid for Phase 3 of the project, which replaces four concrete box bridges: on Topeka Avenue ¼ mile north of U.S. Highway 56 near Four Corners; on East 165th Street, between Berryton and Croco roads; on West 125th Street between Fairlawn and Wanamaker roads; and on Ratner Road north of East 121st Street.

At least 13 bridges in the county are expected to be repaired or rebuilt as part of a $4.3 million bridge bond project planned by the county commissioners.

For more information about the road closure or upcoming bridge repairs, contact the Osage County Road and Bridge Department at 785-828-4416, or email [email protected].

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