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Registration for Boys State of Kansas 2022 session continues

The American Legion Boys State of Kansas has announced that registration for its 2022 session will continue through the end of May, pending space availability. The 84th edition of the program is scheduled to be held Sunday, June 5, through Saturday, June 11, at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kan.

Traditionally, Kansas Boys State is for individuals who complete their junior year of high school in the spring just prior to the start of each session. However, the ALBSK program has expanded the pool of registrants for this year’s session to include those who will complete their sophomore year of high school this spring.

The American Legion Boys State of Kansas program provides a relevant, interactive, problem-solving experience in leadership and teamwork that develops self-identity, promotes mutual respect, and instills civic responsibility to inculcate a sense of individual obligation to community, state and nation. Boys State is a “learning by doing” political exercise that simulates elections, political parties and government at the state, county and local levels, providing opportunities to lead under pressure, showcasing character and working effectively within a team. It’s also an opportunity to gain pride and respect for government, and the price paid by members of the military to preserve democracy.

Those wishing to attend the program should visit to register. In addition, anyone can nominate individuals to attend Kansas Boys State at and submit a nomination form.

The cost to attend the Boys State of Kansas program is $350; however, in many instances, sponsors pay the majority of the fees, with the delegate or his family paying $50.

Potential sponsors, such as American Legion posts, civic organizations, businesses, clubs and interested individuals, or those with questions, should contact the ALBSK at or 785-550-6492.

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