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Grinch thwarted again: Operation Christmas for Kids recovers stolen toys

Local emergency personnel keep a close watch on the Grinch, a toy thief who was recently apprehended and rehabilitated (until next Christmas.)

That old Grinch, who has been spotted stealing toys from around Osage County since about Thanksgiving, was finally apprehended and all Operation Christmas toys have been returned and accounted for. Osage County Sheriff Chris Wells reported the Grinch was apprehended late Sunday night as he tried to steal toys from the toy drive central collection point at the Osage County Sheriff’s Office.

The Grinch reportedly was taken into custody around 9 p.m. Sunday, Dec.11, 2022, at the sheriff’s office, where he was caught green-handed trying to steal some of the toys gathered at the toy collection point. Undersheriff Scott Brenner had carried some toys inside, and after going outside to unload more, the Grinch snuck inside and immediately tried to pack up some loot. Personnel noticed the green menace’s attempted thievery and called for backup. He was arrested on the spot and quickly admitted to all of his crimes during the holiday season.

The sheriff’s office headed up the giant toy drive, enlisting help from local public safety personnel and many citizens to be part of Operation Christmas for Kids. Collection points were set up around Osage County at businesses and agency offices. Brenner estimated this year’s collections at around $7,000 worth of toys.

Officers, deputies, EMTs, fire fighters, park rangers, highway patrolmen, and others, along with the repentant Grinch, gathered Monday afternoon to load up the toys into emergency vehicles and distribute them to Help House, in Lyndon, and Ecumenical Christian Action Team, Osage City.

Sheriff Wells offered appreciation to all who were involved in the local Operation Christmas for Kids, “We would like to thank all of the individuals, groups, businesses, and agencies who donated toys, money, and space for collection boxes. Also, thanks to ORBIS Corporation of Osage City for the donation of toy collection boxes.”

Toy collection boxes were set up at Carbondale Police Department, Burlingame Police Department, Carbondale Fire Station, Burlingame Fire Station, Carbondale Library, Burlingame Dollar General, Osage County EMS, Burlingame Library, Carbondale Dollar General, Osage City Police Department, Quenemo City Hall, Osage City Fire Station, Osage Hardware, Pomona State Park, Osage Garden and Produce, Green Acres Restaurant, Osage City Library, Jerry’s Thriftway, Canine Country Clips, Melvern City Hall, Scranton Police Department / City Hall, Eisenhower State Park, Scranton Fire Station, Club Four Corners restaurant, Overbrook Police Department, Overbrook Fire Station, Overbrook Dollar General, Overbrook Library, Kansas State Bank, Lyndon Police Department and City Hall, Ann’s Diner, Lyndon Dollar General, Charger Arms, Harrison Shooter Supply, Lyndon Library, and Osage County Sheriff’s Office and Jail.

Although the Grinch was under close watch by officers when he helped load and unload toys, afterwards he slipped away unnoticed. With his whereabouts now unknown, he leaves only hope that he won’t come around next year to try to spoil another Osage County Christmas.

Osage County Sheriff Chris Wells and Undersheriff Scott Brenner keep a watchful eye on the Grinch, as the Christmas thief tries to resist temptations of the roomful of toys.

Emergency personnel from across the county gathered at the sheriff’s office Monday to load up and distribute this year’s collections for Operation Christmas for Kids.

Emergency vehicles loaded with toys convoyed from the sheriff’s office to Help House, in Lyndon, and ECAT, Osage City, which will distribute the toys to those in Osage County that need them.

Mean old Grinch apologized for his misdeeds, but seemed to thoroughly enjoy posing with his former loot in the room full of toys.

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