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Carbondale mud run bogs down in county regulations

An organizer of a mud run held near Carbondale has been notified that a special permit is required for such events in the county, including an event scheduled for this coming Saturday.

Osage County’s land use coordinator, Becky Bartley, told county commissioners Monday that she had been notified of a complaint received by a board member of the county planning and zoning committee about a mud run held at the location west of Carbondale on Aug. 31.

Bartley said she looked into the complaint about the event, which she said was held on land owned by Jana Craig and Shirley Berkley at 13829 S. Morrill Road. Bartley said she discovered that two other races had been held at the location this summer, both without the special use permit required by county regulations.

Bartley said she had contacted Jason Richardson, who was listed as a contact on the website that showed another race is scheduled for this Saturday. Bartley said Richardson indicated he didn’t realize a permit was needed, but she advised him a permit was necessary before Saturday’s race could be held.

While the commissioners took no action on Bartley’s report, they agreed that county regulations required a special event permit for such activities on private land in the county.

“We’ve got to enforce it,” said Osage County Commissioner Ken Kuykendall.

“If they have one this weekend without getting a permit, we’ll have to turn it over to the county attorney,” Bartley said.

She said Richardson agreed he would obtain a permit before the weekend event.

According to the Kansas Mud Boggers’ website, events were scheduled at the location on Morrill Road west of Carbondale on June 22, Aug. 31, Sept. 14 and Oct. 12.

Bartley said that if the event is to be recurring, a different type of permit would be more appropriate for the land use.

“If they’re holding it this often, they really need a conditional use permit,” Bartley said.

A special event permit authorizes one event, while a conditional use permit allows a property to be used for a permitted reason.

A mud run is typically an event in which four-wheel-drive vehicles or all terrain vehicles traverse a mud pit in a timed competition.

In other county permit discussion, Osage County Commissioner Gaylord Anderson said he had been contacted by a representative of Bettis Asphalt, who had asked that the company be allowed to operate its asphalt plant at Plummer Creek Quarry outside of the permitted hours last Friday.

Commissioners noted that it was included in Bettis’ conditional use permit for the asphalt plant that if it was necessary to operate outside of the permitted hours, the county is to be notified.

“They did run late,” Kuykendall said. “They admitted they ran late. It was a one-time deal and they were in a pickle.”

The company is the contractor on several highway resurfacing projects in the county. Kukendall explained the reason the company operated outside of its permitted hours was due to an urgent need for materials at one of the ongoing projects.

“Gaylord is going to follow up and call Bettis,” Kuykendall said.

With a short agenda for Monday’s meeting, the commissioners also:

  • appointed Jo Ann Lemberger to a vacancy on the Osage County Fire District No. 4 board of directors.
  • agreed to set a special meeting at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 12 at Green Acres Restaurant, during which commissioners are to meet with any local city officials who attend to discuss cooperation among local government entities.
  • agreed to pay Peimann Title and Escrow Inc. $70 per tract to conduct title searches for properties to be sold by the county in a tax foreclosure sale.
  • approved a resolution that cancels “a bunch of un-cashed checks” issued by the county and totaling $5,415.09. It was noted that holders of such checks can ask that they be reissued.
  • agreed to contract with a company to refurbish the flagpole on the courthouse lawn at an estimated cost of $1,360.
  • heard that a culvert near 277th Street and Shawnee Heights Road, about a mile south of state Highway 68, had collapsed under the weight of a township road grader. The collapse will cause the road to be closed until repairs are made.
  • agreed to transfer Jeremy Bishoff from his position as a lake patrol officer to a full-time deputy in the Osage County Sheriff’s Office.
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