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Osage County gets new bridge as part of federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

An Osage County bridge will be among 35 bridges statewide to be rebuilt with revenue from the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which provided Kansas a total of $42.3 million as part of two statewide bridge improvement programs.

The Osage County bridge is located two miles east and .2 miles north of Lyndon. The county’s local match amount will be $256,306 for the $1,175,000 project. The state will provide $1,112,500 maximum amount, and it is expected to cost $62,500 to remove the old bridge.

By reshaping the local bridge programs to take advantage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Kansas Department of Transportation more than doubled its annual funding as part of the existing Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program (IKE).

The project announcements took place in Dodge City to highlight the largest local bridge grant being awarded, which is expected to cost $9 million for the construction of a new northbound bridge on 14th Avenue over the Arkansas River. Dodge City is matching $2 million toward the cost of the new bridge.

The Kansas Department of Transportation’s Off-System Bridge program is awarding $20.5 million in Fiscal Year 2025 funds to 20 projects across the state. The Kansas Local Bridge Improvement Program is awarding $21.8 million in Fiscal Year 2024 KDOT funds to 15 projects, with 16 deficient bridges to be replaced and an additional 12 to be permanently removed from local systems.

The OSB and KLBIP are targeted for city and county bridges not on the state highway system and in need of replacement or repair. Funds for both programs are awarded through an application process and, in most cases, require a local contribution. KDOT uses selection criteria that include bridge condition, detour length, inability to carry legal loads, and past project history.

For this cycle of the local bridge programs, KDOT received a combined total of 176 applications requesting $162.4 million. A map showing bridges to be replaced is available here.

Information thanks to the Kansas Office of the Governor.

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