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North Osage 4-H Club Report for September 2023

North Osage 4-H Club shares candy from their float in the Overbrook Osage County Fair Parade. Courtesy photo.

By Club Reporter Kylinn

At this month’s North Osage 4-H meeting, members elected who is going to be the council members for the following year. October is the start of a new 4-H year. The 4-Hers voted Lynnea as president, Quincy as vice president, Sage as secretary, Chloe as treasurer, Kylinn as reporter, Thacher as junior president, Sebastion as junior vice president, Kohl as junior secretary, Kasen as junior treasurer, Kylinn and Kasen as historians, Lynnea, Tyse and Reagan as council reps, Reagan, Casen, Francis and Analeese as song leaders, and Sebastion, Loralie and Seraphina as recreation directors.

Anyone who wants to sign up their child or grandchild  for 4-H, can visit The first 4-H club with 60 members gets a free pizza party or ice cream party.

Overbrook’s 4-H group is called North Osage.

Celebrating National 4-H Week
Oct. 1-7, 2023!

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