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Meet a 4-Her: Allie Reeser, sheep friend and showman

Allie Reeser with one of her sheep at the Overbrook Osage County Fair.

My name is Allison Reeser. I am a Melvern Jr. Highline 4-H Club member. This is my ninth year in 4-H and my second year in the sheep project. My sister and I decided last year we would like to try a new project: sheep. So, to get us started for our birthdays, our parents and grandparents bought each a ewe and wether lamb.

Last year at the Overbrook fair, I had to sell my wether, and to be honest, it broke my heart. Our ewes were too young to breed, so they spent the winter at my grandparents’ farm. My sister and I would go daily to feed and water them. When spring came around, we sheared the winter coats off the sheep, and began working with them on leading and bathing. My sister was a big help in this because, with my work schedule, she could work with them more than me.

During this project, I learned how to gradually increase their feed to help work them up to being on full feed, how to clean a sheep pen, how to bathe and shear sheep, how to show sheep properly, and how much work it takes to take care of them at the fair.

Every year, I learn more about the sheep project and my sheep. After the Overbrook fair, we took our ewes to a breeder, so next spring, I will have a new lamb that I can work with and watch grow. I hope it’s a ewe, so I don’t have to sell it.

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