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Sen. Moran stops at Osage City schools for student-led tour

Osage City schools STUCO members were tour guides for Sen. Jerry Moran during a recent visit, from left, Wyatt Bailey, Sadie Shoemaker, Lexi Boss, Emery Speece, Sen. Moran, Gracy Smith, Arin Neary, and Chase Williams. Photo by Wayne White.

Osage City STUCO members led U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran on a tour of Osage City schools during his visit to town Dec. 1, 2023. With USD 420 Superintendent Ted Hessong and Osage City High School Principal Natosha Jenkins, the students led the senator through the high school, middle school and elementary school, stopping in several classrooms to visit with teachers and students, pose for photos, and view the three connected schools’ facilities.

During the tour, the student guides and teachers answered Moran’s inquiries about course availability, enrollment numbers, school safety, and their experiences of attending school in a small town. The tour covered the entire school, and included a visit to the cafeteria at the start of lunchtime, auditorium, high school gymnasium and library.

Thanking the guides and administrators for the tour, Moran said part of the reason he likes to visit schools is because he is an appropriator for the U.S. Dept. of Education and he had previously served on the committee that authorizes legislation for education.

“My goal has always been to get rid of the things that drive up the cost of education, all those mandates that we have to pay for, and for the mandates we should support, increasing funding,” Moran said. “I just kind of like to know what’s going on.”

“Most of the money that comes to pay for your education doesn’t have a lot to do with me, but [Department of Education administers] Title 1, lunch program, transportation, vocational education, and most significant is special education,” he said. “Most of the things that we do in Washington, D.C., have little effect on me, but could have a lot of effect on you. My hope is you all have a great life.”

Moran told the students and administrators, “You have a lot to be proud of,” and noted his tour guides were “some of the nicest kids I’ve met. Thank you for letting me tour.”

The tour guides included Wyatt Bailey, Sadie Shoemaker, Lexi Boss, Emery Speece, Gracy Smith, Arin Neary, and Chase Williams.

The senator headed from Osage City to Council Grove, where he was the keynote speaker for the Council Grove Chamber of Commerce Trade and Tourism Association annual meeting.

Arin Neary, Gracy Smith, and Chase Williams begin the senator’s tour in the high school.

Mr. Crawford’s class pause their social science studies for a photo with Sen. Moran.

The tour arrived in the middle school hallway at class change time.

On one of the final stops of the tour, Sadie Shoemaker and Lexi Boss tell Sen. Moran about the importance of the schools’ library.

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