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Osage County picks its presidential preferences in Tuesday’s election

With low voter turnout, Osage County added its presidential preferences to the statewide tallies during the Tuesday, March 19, 2024, election. Osage County’s voters included 142 Democrats and 662 Republicans, for a total of 804 votes cast in the election, or 6.6 percent of the county’s 12,191 registered voters.

In Osage County results, Republicans preferred Donald Trump, with 79 percent of the votes, or 542 votes. More than 20 percent of Osage County’s Republican voters preferred one of three other candidates on the ballot, with Nikki Haley at 83 votes and 12.54 percent; Ron Desantis, 25, 3.78 percent; Ryan Binkley, three votes and .45 percent; write-ins had 27 votes or 4 percent. Statewide, Trump tallied about 70,000 votes or 75 percent of the Republican turnout; while Haley had 16 percent and 15,000 votes (101 counties counted.)

In the Democratic presidential primary, 77.5 percent of Osage County voters preferred President Joseph R. Biden, with 110 votes. Marianne Williamson had six votes, or 4.23 percent; Jason Michael Palmer, three votes, 2.11 percent; Dean Phillips, 5, 3.52 percent; write-ins, 18 votes, 12.68 percent. In the statewide Democratic race, Biden had 35,022 votes or 84 percent, while other candidates and write-ins represented 16 percent of the voters. (101 counties counted.)

Unofficial results do not include provisional ballots, which are to be counted during the county canvass no later than March 27, 2024. The statewide results are unofficial until the State Board of Canvassers certify the results of the Presidential Preference Primary election no later than April 12, 2024, deeming the results official.

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