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Burnt Trees smolder into grand championship at Smoke in the Spring

2024 Smoke in the Spring grand champions, Burnt Trees BBQ, Nick and Shannon Holman, of Minot, N.D.

The grand champions not only burned a few trees at the 2024 Smoke in the Spring State BBQ Championship, they also scorched all of the competition on their way to winning the title.

Burnt Trees BBQ, Nick and Shannon Holman, of Minot, N.D., seared the grand championship April 6, 2024, at the 21st annual Kansas City Barbeque Society sanctioned contest at Osage City, Kan. The grand champs competed against 96 teams – 93 from 11 states and three from Canada.

The Holmans claimed the championship with an overall score of 706.2628, breaking 700 points and joining the coveted 700 Club. Kansas City Barbeque Society recognizes teams that have achieved a contest score of 700 or more in the overall division of any contest.

In a social media post, the Holmans said it was the first 700 plus score they had earned in barbecue competition. Other firsts for the husband-wife team at Smoke in the Spring: First competition of the 2024 season, first trip to Osage City and Smoke In The Spring, first time to cook in gale force winds, and their first grand championship of the season.

“Saturday was a windy one and even inside the trailer we felt it,” they said. “We simplified our cook and were happy with the results.”

To tally up their championship score, Burnt Trees took fifth place in chicken with a score of 178.8572; 14th in pork ribs,176.500; 19th in pork, 175.4056; and 12th in brisket, 175.440. Although they turned in the contest’s championship boxes, the team did not earn a perfect score, or 180, in any of the four categories.

“Huge shoutout to all of the volunteers and Corey Linton for a fun and well organized event,” the team posted.

Smoke in the Spring reserve champion, Ryan Cain, Damn Fine Beef & Swine.

Damn Fine Beef & Swine, of Lee’s Summit, Mo., with head cook Ryan Cain, came in hot behind the grand champs to win the weekend’s reserve grand championship with a total score of 705.0972. Damn Fine’s score was the tally of 11th place in chicken,177.7028; 19th in ribs, 175.4172; 10th in pork, 176.5600, and 17th in brisket, 175.4172.

Others in the top five overall winners were There’s No Place Like Smoke, Palmyra, Mo, third place, 704.5488; Dr. Squealgood BBQ, Olathe, Kan., fourth, 700.5260; and Wags Backyard BBQ, Osage, Iowa, fifth, 698.8000.

In the four main categories: Chicken category was won by B3 BBQ, Lee’s Summit, scoring 180 along with the second and third place winners, Score One Smokin, Holdrege, Neb., and Last Call Heroes, Pierre, S.D.

In ribs, first place and a 180 went to Mr. Dude’s BBQ; second place and 180 was Porky McBeef and the Cluckers, Olathe, Kan. Third place in ribs was claimed by Janky Leg BBQ, Benton, Ill., the 2023 Smoke in the Spring grand champions.

In pork, the first place team, Finger Leikam Good, Wamego, Kan., won with that category’s only 180; second place was claimed by Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Rub, Olathe, Kan.; third place was earned by Mac Chad’s BBQ, Souix City, Iowa.

The top three winners in brisket all scored 180 points: Sons of a Brisket, Independence, Mo., first; Petie’s Smokin’ Pits BBQ, Oklahoma City, Okla., second; Needs More Cowbell BBQ, Keenesburg, Colo., third.

Harrison Reese, Smoke in the Spring Kids Q champion, 5-10 years.

In the ancillary turkey category, There’s No Place Like Smoke took first place with a score of 180; Wags Backwoods BBQ was second place.

Counting the turkey category, a total of ten 180 pins were presented to top contestants.

Kids Q was held Friday night of the contest with 25 contestants, who competed in two age groups, 5-10 years and 11-16 years. Kid cooks were each given one pound of ground beef from White’s Foodliner, which they prepared under the watch of their sponsoring team. The samples were presented to the judges in whatever manner the chefs chose prepare it – samples included hamburgers, sliders, tacos pizza and other creations. The judges indicated their approval of the samples, scoring the two top winners in each category in the 170s.

Smoke in the Spring Kids Q champion, Rylee Arnold, 11-16 years.

Against 13 contestants, Harrison Reese presented the grand champion beef in the younger category, with a score of 174.8572; second place was awarded to Aiden Dreier with 173.1428. In the older category, Rylee Arnold came out on top of the 12 contestants with a score of 173.7144; in second place was Sloan Bohannon with 172.5714.


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