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Relish the memories, do your best in the future, 2024 Burlingame High School graduates told

Burlingame High School class of 2024. BHS photo.

Seniors addressing their fellow  graduates urged the Burlingame High School class of 2024 to keep their memories but rely on themselves to face the future. During the school’s commencement exercises May 11, 2024, at Burlingame High School, 22 graduates received diplomas from members of the USD 454 Board of Education.

2024 BHS Senior Class President Brandon Punches told of some personal memories he made with his class, “some that are embarrassing and some that I’ll never forget, and a lot that are both.” With those memories, he noted, he and his classmates were now ready to face the future.

“I know [my classmates] can’t wait to get out of here and spread their wings, or just can’t wait to get out of here,” he said. “Today is about the class of 2024.”

Talking about being one of the classes to go through the pandemic, Punches said the class was now “the kids who aren’t really kids anymore. Nope not at all, now it’s time for us to grow up, or just grow old, because some of us (myself included) will never grow up.”

He concluded by leaving his classmates with a quote, “’The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.’ So go out there and be crazy!”

The 2024 BHS valedictorian, Kaylin Noonan, thanked teachers, coaches, family and her classmates for their success in reaching graduation.

To teachers: “You’re always being willing to listen to our silly issues or drama and just making sure we had what we need to succeed,” Noonan said.

To coaches: “For making school about more than just class work. For always pushing us to be our best and for teaching us so many valuable lessons!”

Parents and family: “You listened to our complaints, supported us through everything we did and were always there as someone to lean on when we were struggling.”

Thanking her classmates, she urged them to not forget the lessons they learned together. “While we didn’t always get along we have grown together and made so many memories. We always seem to find a way to laugh.”

“All of the lessons we have learned both in and outside the class,” she said, “all lead to this moment.”

But even with those lessons learned, “graduating is about accepting uncertainty – that we don’t have all the answers and that we are going to screw up sometimes – that doesn’t mean that we should be afraid to keep going and to take big bold steps … today we take the first step together.”

“We stand here today on the precipice of the future,” Noonan said. “It’s not a distant reality anymore. It begins here. It begins today. Congratulations class of 2024 we did it!”

Following senior addresses by 2024 BHS Salutatorian Senior Isabelle Masters, Punches, and Noonan, USD 454 Superintendent Marcy Cassidy gave remarks to the crowd, followed by BHS Principal Geoff Markos presenting a video and profile of the class.

USD 454 Board of Education President Melissa Droege accepted the class for graduation, and board members presented diplomas to the 2024 Burlingame High School graduates: José Arevalo Jr., Starla Bennett, Evan Bowman, Cooper Burns, Jarrek Clark, Chloe Havens, Colby Heckman, Madison Hovestadt, Asiah Jeaudoin, Korden Kinney, Haylee Kosek, Maliyah Lopez, Isabelle Masters, Jenna Moon, Desiree Mundy, Calvin Noonan, Kaylin Noonan, Brandon Punches, Seth Quaney, Juliunna Shinn, Savannah Short, and April Woods.

Sponsors for the BHS class of 2024 are Jeff Bowman and Linda White.

Attendants for the commencement were Karah Ross, Emileigh Short, Parker Haid, and JD Tyson. Music was provided by the Burlingame Orchestra and Asiah Jeaudoin.

Burlingame Junior and Senior High School faculty and staff for the 2023-24 school year were: Jacob Anderson, Calvary Lyle, Mike Barlow, Austin Masters, Brian Bartlett, Brooke Masters, Katie Beauclaire, Bridget Middleton, Doug Bingham, Michelle Motsinger, Jeff Bowman, Becky Muzzy, Julia Bukovatz, Mary Noll, Chris Burk, Barb Peterson, Melissa Claypool, Tammy Roberts, Teresa Crumpton, Travisray Salyers, Danny Davison, Jon Shaffer, Fred Diver, Josiah Shultz, Christi Droege, Merissa Slade, Mitch Foote, Jeff Slater, Robin Fruits, Megan Summers, Melissa Hamel, Haley Tyson, Mark Hecht, Jason Tyson, Mike Higgins, Jewelie Ullery, Elizabeth Hughes, Keri Welch, Lauren Jerore, Alexia Wells, Katlyn Kirkwood, Lindsey Wendleton, Dita Kopp, Eric West, Richard Lamb, Shay West, Darin Lee, Katelyn Whitaker, Jessica Lockwood, Susan Woods, Gracie Luna, Katie Zeller.

Burlingame High School Scholarship Recipients 2024

  • José Arevalo: Max and Faye Provost Scholarship, Burlingame Recreation Scholarship, Tonia Hunter Memorial Scholarship
  • Starla Bennett: Graduating with an associate degree from Allen Community College, Freshman Merit Scholarship from Washburn University, Burlingame Endowment Foundation Scholarship, Max and Faye Provost Scholarship, Kevin Masters Memorial Scholarship
  • Chloe Havens: Masonic Foundation Exemplary Student, Rock Chalk Scholarship from KU, Madison Hovestadt, Allen Community College Merit Scholarship, Pepsi CATS Scholarship, Godderz Family Scholarship, Max and Faye Provost Scholarship, Jeff McFarlane Scholarship, Kevin Masters Memorial Scholarship
  • Asiah Jeaudoin: KSHSAA Citizenship Award, Theater and Film Scholarship from Allen Community College
  • Maliyah Lopez: Athletic scholarship from Baker for wrestling, Max and Faye Provost Scholarship
  • Isabelle Masters, salutatorian: Kevin Masters Memorial Scholarship
  • Jenna Moon: Burlingame Recreation Scholarship
  • Calvin Noonan: Athletic scholarship from Neosho Community College for wrestling
  • Kaylin Noonan, valedictorian: Kansas Governor’s Scholar, Dale Dennis Award, Emporia Optimist Club Scholarship, WIBW Athlete of the Week Scholarship, ESU Presidential Scholarship, Burlingame PTO Scholarship, Pepsi CATS Scholarship, Burlingame Endowment Foundation Scholarship, Max and Faye Provost Scholarship, Burlingame Recreation Scholarship, Grandma Shirley Noonan Family Scholarship, Kevin Masters Memorial Scholarship
  • Brandon Punches: Kansas Scholars Curriculum Complete, Kansas State Scholar, Dale Dennis Award, KSHSAA Citizenship Award, Eagle University
  • Savannah Short: Athletic Scholarship from Butler Community College for Cheer, Chapter IQ PEO Scholarship, Burlingame Chamber of Commerce Scholarship, Burlingame PTO Scholarship, Burlingame Endowment Foundation Scholarship,  Funding Your Future Scholarship, Max and Faye Provost Scholarship, Burlingame Recreation Scholarship, Gary White Memorial Scholarship, Kevin Masters Scholarship

Burlingame High School class of 2024. BHS photo.

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