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New horticulture agent to serve Frontier Extension District’s three counties

By Carol Engle, Frontier Extension District

OTTAWA, Kan. – The Frontier Extension District has introduced a new horticulture agent, Lauren Gammill. Having completed her bachelor’s degree in spring 2024, Gammill joined the staff in late June and will serve individuals and communities in the Frontier District’s three counties: Anderson, Franklin, and Osage.

Lauren Gammill

Gammill earned her degree in biology from Kansas State University.

“I love every aspect of biology, but I am most intrigued by how natural resources impact horticulture,” Gammill said. “Everything in the world is part of a ‘cause and effect,’ and I believe by understanding that, we can solve a lot more problems, not just in the biological world but in our personal lives as well.”

“I am extremely blessed that this job combines my love of science, the outdoors and people,” Gammill said, “so I am excited to show up every day and get to do things that I love.”

During her first weeks on the job, Gammill said she hopes to meet people and learn what they are most passionate about. “I’m also excited to learn about the land and what the community needs most,” she said.

“We are thrilled to have Lauren on staff,” said Rebecca McFarland, district director and family and community wellness agent. “We have been without a horticulture agent for about a year, and our other two agriculture agents have filled in well, but we’re happy to allow them to return to their specializations in crops and livestock and let Lauren focus on horticulture.”

Gammill’s home base is in the Frontier District’s Ottawa office, but she will be making visits and providing programming throughout the whole district. She can be reached at or 785-229-3520.

“I just got married a few weeks ago, and my husband and I are both working in Ottawa,” Gamill said, “so we are hoping to grow into the community together.”

Carol Engle is Frontier Extension District’s communications and marketing manager.

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