Filings in Osage County Courthouse Sept. 30 – Oct. 4

The following information was compiled from records at the Osage County Courthouse Sept. 30, 2013, through Oct. 4, 2013.

Domestic Cases

Beverly J. Rinehart v. Kenneth D. Rinehart. Petition for divorce. Filed 9/24/13. 13DM165

Eric Stinebaugh v. Amber Renee Stinebaugh. Petition for annulment. Filed 10/2/13. 13DM167

Civil Cases

First Security Bank v. Judy Kay Jones and Sharon Waller. Mortgage foreclosure. Filed 10/2/13. Amount: $10,358.28, interest, costs and other. 13CV76

Limited Cases

Capital One Bank v. Tracy D. Williams. Recovery of money. Filed 9/30/13. Amount: $1,787.90, interest, costs and other. 13LM256

Newman Memorial County Hospital v. Betty J. Hughs and Joe D. Hughs. Recovery of money. Filed 9/30/13. Amount: $2,302.86, interest, costs and other. 13LM257

Credit Management Services v. Cheryl Robinson. Recovery of money. Filed 10/1/13. Amount: $2,139.24, interest, costs and other. 13LM258

LVNV Funding v. James R. Banks. Recovery of money. Filed 10/1/13. Amount: $640.34, interest, costs and other. 13LM259

Steve Seneca and Marie Seneca v. Jim Thorson and Monica Thorson. Forcible detainer. Filed 10/4/13. 13LM260

State Tax Liens

Kansas Department of Revenue v. Ryan I. Davison. Tax warrant. Filed 9/30/13. Amount: $651.28. 13ST72


Jared D. Sisson to Karmel L. Powers. Tract NE ¼ 12-15-16.

Jimmy Sue Ponchillia to David Christopher Small. SE ¼ 25-17-13.

Gary E. Kern to C. Faye Banister and Shirley L. Banister. Tract NE ¼ 3-15-14.

Andrew Q. Nemmers to Wendee S. Neugebauer. Odd Lots 29-35, Block 8, Original Carbondale.

David L. Hastings and Amy Hastings to Kelsey A. Orr and Clifton Yeager. Tract NE ¼ 14-14-16.

Kristy Thomas to Jesse L. Hostetler and Lillian J. Hostetler. Tract NW ¼ 34-17-16.

Billie J. Lemberger to Gayle E. Warren and Emma J. Warren. Tract NW ¼ 32-14-17.

John H. Burge and Virginia K. Burge to Louis C. Braden and Linda A. Michaud. Lots 9 and 10, Cedar Estates.

Vernon W. Montgomery and Linda S. Montgomery to John W. West and Betty L. West. Tract SW ¼ 1-15-15.

Chad Oswald and Vicky Oswald to Robert Keith Taylor and Tara Lynn Taylor. Lot 39, Royal Pines Estates.

Ronland Ohrenberg and Martha Lucille Ohrenberg Living Trust to Kenneth B. Johnson and Susan G. Johnson. Lot 28, Block 7, Cedar Estates.

Justin Bones and Lauren Bones to Steven A. Salazar and Nicole L. Salazar. Even Lots 2-6, Block 9, Original Osage City.

David L. Dreyer, Joann C. Katt and Angela D. Goehring to Willis E. Dewitt, II. Lots 5-11, Block 2, South Park Addition, Burlingame.

Eldora M. Thompson Trust to Casey’s Retail Co. Lots 32, 34 and 36, Jennings Addition, and S ½ vacated alley north and adjacent, Osage City.

Perry A. Thompson and Kimberly A. Thompson to Casey’s Retail Co. Even Lots 20-26, Block 3, Howe’s Addition, and Even Lots 20-26, Block 3, Jenning’s Addition, and S ½ vacated alley North and adjacent of both tracts, Osage City.

David W. Yohe Trust to Elizabeth A. Lichtenauer and Paul A. Lichtenauer. Lots 21 and 22, Siesta Pomona.

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