Zombies on the rampage! Quick, keep moving, and whatever you do, don’t miss the shuttle!

102213-terroronthetrailWhat better way to celebrate Halloween than fleeing from rabid zombies on a flesh-eating rampage? Be a part of the horrific fun of Terror on the Trail Zombie Apocalypse, provided by the Burlingame Chamber of Commerce, this coming weekend at Burlingame.

Starting Friday evening and continuing Saturday and Sunday nights, a zombie uprising is expected to begin around 6:30 to 7, or as darkness falls (small children must be accompanied by an adult).

The Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle will evacuate survivors from the Santa Fe Cafe BEMA station, 106 Santa Fe Ave., and transport them to the disease assessment area and prepare them for the last leg of the flight to the safe zone. A military escort will accompany survivors over a half mile through the last remnants of the ravaging hordes to safety, and to where a cure awaits!

(For little ones who don’t like to be scared, a children’s trail is available.)

Whatever you do, don’t miss the last shuttle to safety at 9:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 8:30 p.m. Sunday (the little zombies have school the next day).

The zombies don’t charge anything for shuffling around, groaning and trying to eat flesh, but a ride on the Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle, access to safety and a cure for zombie-itis costs a mere $5 per live human.

And if anyone has an appetite after hanging out with putrid,  rotting zombies, concessions will be available all three nights of the event.

The apocalypse is a fundraiser for the Burlingame Chamber of Commerce.

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