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Tornado-scattered stained glass graces Harveyville church once again

On Sunday, Oct. 6, Breanna Strohm presented the Harveyville United Methodist Church with a beautiful mosaic she designed from broken pieces of glass from the old stained glass windows destroyed by the Feb. 28, 2012, tornado.

Breanna presented the framed glasswork during the church’s celebration of the Consecration of the new church. Bishop Dr. Scott Jones officiated the service with over 150 people attending.

Breanna found many pieces of broken glass while walking in the field behind her grandparents’ home on Main Street in Harveyville. She picked up the pieces not knowing what she would do with them. After talking with her grandparents, Bill and Marilyn Slade, and her art teacher at school, she decided she would make a stained glass window for the Methodist Church. She also made the frame in wood working class. She completed the project to help toward achieving the Gold Award for Girl Scouts.

Breanna is the daughter of Jim and Dena Strohm, Burlingame.


Photo and information thanks to Linda Montgomery.

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