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A Cowboy’s Faith: All seven will be completed

buchmanhead“There are seven tasks to get done before the end of the year.”

That’s been our objective for seven months. Despite seven individual contacts with those to complete the projects, it doesn’t look like they’ll all seven be done by deadline.

While gusting, yet seemingly noteworthy is how insignificant our seven little jobs are compared to the significance of “seven” itself.

Still, to our satisfaction, according to philosophers: “Seven means completeness.”

Seven is found 735 times in the Bible, and scholars regardless of their beliefs recognize symbolic use of “seven.”

More than four years ago, hail did severe damage to the barn roof. We put off fixing until now, but it’ll soon have new hole-less tin.

When a family lives in a home 33 years, facilities in two bathrooms, and a half-dozen ceiling lights wear out. Sewer system that was oddly “built to drain into the basement,” despite inadequate makeovers, still isn’t right. Maybe getting all redone at once will outlast our lifetime.

Dad and Uncle Elmer had the giant hedge corner posts there, and the new fence pictured in their minds 34 years ago. The project was not completed, before they both passed away, but it’s finally getting done.

The northwest pond remains lower than we’ve seen it in 42 years, and another always-muddy watering hole is dry again, too. Dirt movers have agreed they’ll be “cleaned out.”

Timber domination of good pastureland is regulated for timely clearing to receive government assistance, and that’ll come to pass.

After seven years, sand filling the indoor arena had accumulated to a foot deep around the edges, so doors wouldn’t open. A skilled skid steer operator impressively renovated the problem.

Time takes its toll, as well, on a near-century-old wooden barn, no matter how diligent one cares for it. Intention was to have all seven outside doors repaired, and the barn painted. But, closer evaluation reveals it’s a much larger undertaking than envisioned, and must be postponed. Reprieve is that the barnyard fences are being turned white again.

Reminds us of Acts 6:4: “Seven men from among you whom everyone trusts were assigned tasks.” With confidence, we thought Second Chronicles 31:7: “They’ll finish them in the seventh month.” That’s not going to happen, so we’re anticipating Revelation 16:17: “The seventh angel said, “They are all finished.”

Frank_BuchmanFrank J. Buchman is a lifelong rancher from Alta Vista, a lifetime newspaper writer, syndicated national ag writer and a radio marketing consultant. He writes a weekly column to share A Cowboy’s Faith.

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