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Record life’s milestones on Osage County News

Since March of last year, Osage County News’ reach has quickly expanded to include readers all across Osage County and the world. Many viewers have let us know they appreciate being able to see local news from anywhere they have Internet access, and without paying a subscription fee for it.

As a startup news website, we’ve been developing our news flow since its beginning, and continue to seek out news that will interest people who live in and around Osage County. We’d also like Osage County News to serve as a record of history of the county and its inhabitants. As such we’d like to include in our news flow the milestones of the lives of Osage County people.

Milestones can be such life events as engagements, weddings, birth announcements, job promotions, military service, scholarships, academic achievements, retirements and similar personal accomplishments that anyone would wish to share with their friends and family – our viewers. We’d also be happy to recognize milestone wedding anniversaries, for example 25 years and every five years beyond, or milestone birthdays, such as those who will turn 60 years old or every five years older than 60.

Milestones should include pertinent details about the person or persons being recognized, along with time, date and place of any celebration or event. Photos can also be included.

Submitting milestones is easy, just email your milestone details to [email protected], fax or call 785-828-4994, or mail to Osage County News, PO Box 62, Lyndon, KS 66451.

Once submitted, if we need more information, we’ll contact you. Otherwise, look for your milestone life event to be published on and proudly share it with your family and friends.

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