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Kansas schools to celebrate School Lunch Week

TOPEKA, Kan. – Kansas School Lunch week will be celebrated in K-12 school cafeterias across the state the week of January 27 – 31. Each day of the week celebrates an agricultural commodity as a feature item on the menu. The initiative is a partnership between the Kansas Department of Agriculture and the Kansas State Department of Education. 

For Kansas School Lunch Week, KDA and KSDE worked to promote a specific lunch menu highlighting a Kansas agricultural commodity as part of the meal each day. The following commodities will be celebrated during Kansas School Lunch Week: Monday, Kansas Beef Day; Tuesday, Kansas Corn Day; Wednesday, Kansas Wheat Day; Thursday, Kansas Pork Day and Friday, Kansas Dairy Day. Daily fun facts about each commodity have been shared with schools to use during morning announcements.

In addition to featuring a specific commodity each day, KDA and KSDE have encouraged schools to utilize and purchase food products produced or processed in the state that are marketed through the state food and agriculture trademark program, From the Land of Kansas.

“Helping students draw the connection between prominent Kansas commodities to the food on their plate during school lunch is an important component of agriculture education,” said Nellie Hill, KDA education and event coordinator. “We are excited to be partnering with KSDE in more initiatives to encourage schools to promote Kansas agriculture commodities and food products in the lunch room.”

“Whether it’s the meat on the plate, the jam on their wheat bread, or the carton of milk it’s a strong likelihood that it has been touched by Kansas agriculture,” said Hill. “KDA and KSDE will continue to encourage school nutritionists to select and promote healthy, Kansas produced food every day for students’ plates.”

To view the menu and items promoted to schools, click here.

To see daily fun facts, click here.

For more information about Kansas School Lunch Week, visit KSDE’s Farm to School website.

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