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Estate planning and farm transition series to begin this week

Frontier Extension is hosting a series of meetings to help farmers and ranchers understand the need of, what’s involved, and how to start the process of making an estate plan or planning for the next generation to take over the family farm or business. The series of meetings will take you through the process and get you thinking about your needs and what you want to happen.

Each of the three meetings will be 7-9 p.m. at the Pomona Community Center, 219 Jefferson, Pomona, with the first meeting on Jan. 30, the second on Feb. 13, and the third on Feb. 20.

In the Jan. 30 meeting, Forrest Buhler, attorney with Kansas Ag Mediation Services, will talk about “Keeping it in the Family”, and Charlotte Shoup Olsen, KSU Extension specialist in family studies and human services, will discuss “Getting the Family Talking”.

The Feb. 13 meeting will continue the process. Dr. Gregg Hadley, KSU assistant

director of agriculture and natural resources, will highlight “Farm Succession, How to Begin”. Forrest Buhler will return and will lead discussion on “Preparing to Meet with your Estate Lawyer.”

The final meeting of the series on Feb. 20 will highlight “Types of Estate Plans and Tax Implications” presented by Jeanie Schainost, attorney, estate and business planning, of Garnett.

The idea behind the series is that one session will build on the previous session and that at the end of the series you will be prepared to discuss estate planning or farm transition with your estate lawyer. Everyone is invited to attend all of the meetings in the series.

Refreshments will be served each evening.

The meeting is hosted by Frontier Extension District. For more information or for special needs, call Rod Schaub or Darren Hibdon, district agents, at 785-828-4438 or 785-229-3520, respectively.

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