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Kansas Day: Burlingame museum celebrates 153 years of statehood

As Kansas turned 153 years old Wednesday, Burlingame Schuyler Museum celebrated Kansas Day with presentations portraying how things were done in the past. Local students and citizens visited the museum where they learned from Vita Tucker about archeology and exploring the past; Carol Grandstaff showed how to make rag dolls; Gary Buek offered the experience of shelling corn with a crank corn sheller; and Donna Bartee showed how clothes used to be washed, using a top-of-the-line antique glass wash board with a “modern” washtub.

The Burlingame Schuyler Museum is located at 117 S. Dacotah St., Burlingame.


In the old times, part of the fun of toys was making them. Burlingame kids learn how to make dolls from rags and corncobs.


Scrubbing clothes on a washboard: One of kids’ undesirable but necessary chores in the old days.


Learning how to dig up the past was one lesson learned at Burlingame Schuyler Museum on Kansas Day, Jan. 29.

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