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Hinterweger takes championship at county spelling bee

Addison Hinterweger, fifth-grader at Carbondale Attendance Center, found an “amicable” ending to the Osage County Spelling Bee – she was named the county’s champion.

Addison made it to the top spot after competing against 11 other top spellers from six schools in Osage County. The first round of the competition was harshly decisive, ejecting 10 of the spellers on words such as odori (a Japanese dance), spaghetti, pangolin (Asian and African toothless mammals with large horny scales), luau, oolong (a type of tea), and harpsichord. But that set up 20 rounds of tense competition between Allison Punches, eighth-grader from Burlingame Middle School, and Addision.


Addison Hinterweger, right, fifth-grader at Carbondale Attendance Center, was named Osage County’s champion speller, and Allison Punches, Burlingame Middle School eighth-grader, was runner up in the countywide spelling bee.

The two bantered back and forth on a spelling rally: amnesia, elixir, tantalize, arsenal, mongrel, trajectory, and took turns trying at possible competition-ending spellings, only to hear “That is incorrect” from bee pronouncer Kathy Reed.

In round 21, Allison misspelled “jiva” (life energy or soul), setting up Addison to correctly spell “cilantro”. Addison then proved she was the Osage County Spelling Bee champion by spelling “amicable” correctly.

Osage City Middle School Principal Tim Riemann presented awards to all of the competitors, and then awarded the championship plaque to Addison and the runner up plaque to Allison.

The two will represent Osage County at the Capital-Journal Regional Spelling Bee March 8 at Seaman High School, Topeka.

Other competitors, and top spellers at their schools, were: Morgyn Heyne, Burlingame Middle School; Kailey Cashier, Carbondale Attendance Center; Tyler Crummy and Kaelin Bones, Lyndon Elementary School; Grace Bradley and Kaitlin McCollom, Marais des Cygnes Valley Middle School; Timberly Dunham and Faith Long, Osage City Middle School; and Ariana Delaney and Noah McCoy, Scranton Attendance Center.

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