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State’s longtime public web service disappears into blue yonder

The State Library of Kansas has announced the Blue Skyways web service will be coming to an end as of June 30, 2014.

The service provided web space for numerous libraries, schools, communities, and state agencies. Since 1996, Kansas on the Net has been a Skyways partner, creating home pages for over 200 Kansas communities, all 105 counties, and many other organizations. Many of the information pages were built by Susan and John Howell, of KOTN, partially through grants from the Boeing Company that supported their work for several years. Other pages have been maintained by individuals for their own communities, libraries or other not-for-profit entities.

“While Skyways has been a highly successful and beneficial service in its day, with the widespread availability today of affordable, functional web hosting options, it is no longer central to our mission,” Blue Skyways announces on a web page that encourages site owners to prepare to move sites to other web hosts.

Blue Skyways offers to help site owners through the transition, including removing existing pages and closing accounts; updating links on the main pages of Blue Skyways through June 2014; assisting in downloading and saving page contents to another location.

Cities, schools, governmental entities and organizations that own pages on Blue Skyways are asked to complete a Transition Assistance form.

For more information, contact [email protected] or see

Also, visit Blue Skyways to see all that you will miss after June 2014. Osage County still has a Blue Skyways page here, along with pages for Overbrook, Lyndon, and Rapp School.

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