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Learn how to manage wildlife and develop hunting leases

Every year, millions of Americans take to the woods to hunt and fish. They are lured by the thought of harvesting a mature buck or tom turkey, or the beauty of the outdoors. Frontier Extension District will host a public meeting on wildlife management and how to develop hunting leases 7-9 p.m., March 20, at Celebration Hall, Franklin County Fairgrounds, Ottawa.

Charlie Lee, KSU Extension wildlife specialist, will be the featured speaker. Charlie will highlight managing wildlife, their habitat, food and biology. The main species of discussion will be turkey, quail, and whitetail deer.

The other topic for the evening will be hunting leases. Given the demand for quality hunting and the shrinking supply of available land for hunting, some landowners are looking at their woodlands as a way to increase their farm income and as a way to provide the experience many hunters are willing to pay for. Is a hunting lease right for you? You may want to ask yourself these questions. Is wildlife damaging my property? What species of game do I have on my land, and how much? How big is my property and what are my financial needs?

Lee will discuss how to make a good lease, what should be in the lease, and more.

The meeting is hosted by Frontier Extension District. If you have questions or have special needs please call Rod Schaub or Darren Hibdon, district agents, at 785-828-4438 or 785-229-3520, respectively.

Photo thanks to Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.

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