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Ag Wire: CRP’s purpose is to protect soil, water and wildlife

Ag Day 2014 ButtonIn this month’s Ag Wire, Osage County FSA reminds landowners that the Conservation Reserve Program is not a retirement program for land, and all activities on CRP land are subject to approval of the Farm Service Agency.

Are you mowing CRP? Did you know mowing is a violation to CRP contracts? Mowing is not authorized on CRP acres. Any activity on CRP must be pre-approved by the FSA. CRP’s objective is to cost-effectively assist owners and operators in conserving and improving the nation’s natural resource base.

CRP is a natural resource program that protects the nation’s soil, water and wildlife resources. CRP is a voluntary program for agricultural landowners. Through CRP, land owners receive annual rental payments and cost-share assistance to establish long-term, resource conserving covers on eligible farmland.

When a producer enrolls into the program, he agrees to maintain the land cover as designed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service standards and specifications. This includes not allowing trees or noxious weeds to be present on the contract acres.

Each contract has a conservation plan to which each program participant is to follow.

A management practice is to occur on each contract acre at least one time during the life of the contract. There are five management practices that a producer can complete – prescribed burning, light disking, inter-seeding, managed haying or managed grazing. Failure to complete a management item can result in a violation. Many practices allow cost share to be obtained for the management practice. Each contract is different depending on the practice as to which management practice is allowed.

Please remember CRP is not a retirement program for land. The program requires landowners to keep weeds, brush and trees under control. Failure to comply can cause violation, which will lead to penalties. Each year numerous CRP contracts are spot checked for noncompliance issues.

For more information, contact FSA County Executive Director Rachel Roberts, Osage County FSA, 115 W. 17th St., Lyndon, or call 785-828-4631.

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