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County commissioners proclaim 2014 as year of celebration for Pomona Lake’s 50th

Gathering for the signing of a proclamation declaring Pomona Lake’s 50th anniversary as a countywide celebration were, from left, Osage County commissioners Carl Meyer, Gaylord Anderson and Ken Kuykendall (seated), David Green, Pomona and Melvern lakes operations manager, Stephanie Watson, Osage County Economic Development director, and Pomona Lake Park Ranger William Bolt.


Pomona Lake 50th Anniversary 1964-2014

WHEREAS in 1954, Congress authorized the construction of Pomona Lake as a multipurpose project for flood damage reduction and water resource development. Pomona Lake was dedicated on September 5th, 1964, and marks the 50th anniversary of its completion in 2014 with a year of celebration and special events; and

WHEREAS, Osage County marks its 50th anniversary of Pomona Lake by celebrating its U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas Wildlife & Parks Department, local and county business owners, volunteers and visitors who strive to preserve and enhance the community of today; and

WHEREAS, Osage County anticipates a future that continues to appreciate the beauty of Pomona Lake’s natural environment, the livability of community, and its active and involved citizens; and

WHEREAS, Osage County dedicates 2014 as a year of community-wide celebration to honor the past, celebrate the present and embrace the future of Pomona Lake, Ks.

I, County Commission Chairman of Osage County, on behalf of its citizens, do hereby proclaim 2014 as a year of celebration of the Pomona Lake 50th Anniversary, and urge all citizens to join in this celebration.

Dated this 17th day of March, 2014

Kenneth J. Kuykendall, Chairman


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