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Live the outdoor life to celebrate Pomona Lake’s 50th

pomona50thlogoshadowDo you like to camp? Did you ever think you could win an award for camping?

In celebration of Pomona Lake’s 50th anniversary, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pomona State Park, Osage County Economic Development and local businesses have teamed up to honor those who have camped 50 or more nights at Pomona Lake in 2014.

Campers who achieve this milestone will be presented with a certificate commemorating the achievement and an entry for a chance to win the grand prize, which includes a free weekend of camping at a Pomona Lake Corps facility, two-day free cabin rental at Pomona State Park, and various other prizes donated from local businesses.

To qualify, campers must keep a log of their camping nights at the lake, which can include staying in any Corps or state park campgrounds. When 50 nights of camping have been logged, the log must be turned in to the Pomona Lake Corps office or Pomona State Park office for verification and presentation of the award.

For more information, contact Pomona State Park at 785-828-4933, 22900 South Hwy 368, Vassar, KS 66543; or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pomona Project, 785-453-2201, 5260 Pomona Dam Road, Vassar, KS 66543.

The 50 on the 50th camping award is an official activity of the Pomona Lake 50th Anniversary Celebration. Click here for more information.

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