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Horse care and management seminar scheduled for Wednesday at Lyndon

Horse owners, caretakers, trainers, farriers and others interested in the equine industry will have an opportunity to learn about preventing infectious diseases, the importance of dental care to the health of their horses, and first aid – what to do when accidents occur. This educational meeting will be held 7-9 p.m. April 16, at the Lyndon Community Center, 204 Topeka, Lyndon, Kan.

The program will focus on needed vaccinations, dental care and first aid for horses. The featured speaker will be Dr. Chris Blevins DVM, assistant professor, equine field services, Kansas State University.

Your horse can have dental issues anytime from birth till old age. Their teeth continually erupt in their mouth until they day they die. Horses that are young may need temporary teeth removed, wolf teeth extracted, and floating of teeth with sharp points. Older horses may have other needs like gum diseases and loose teeth. In any case, your veterinarian should be contacted as the horse will need to be sedated before treatment. Blevins will discuss a recommended dental schedule and what to watch out for when determining if your horse is having dental problems.

Other topics will include vaccination schedules for your horse, diseases of concern, and what to do if an accident occurs. There will be time allowed for questions from the audience.

The meeting is hosted by Frontier Extension District. For more information or for special needs, call district Extension agents Rod Schaub, 785-828-4438, or Darren Hibdon, 785-229-3520.

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