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Paving project on I-70/Turnpike to begin April 28

An overlay paving project between the east Topeka and Lecompton/Lawrence exits on the Turnpike/I-70 (mile markers 183 to 198) will begin Monday, April 28, weather permitting.

This 15-mile section of 6-lane roadway is the Turnpike’s heaviest traveled so motorists are urged to check for construction updates at, follow the Kansas Turnpike on Twitter, and watch for information on the KTA’s digital message boards.

The project will involve covering all three lanes in both directions with an ultrathin bond asphalt surface. Shoulders will also be sealed with a spray seal.

While timing of work will be updated throughout the project, the current schedule is below. Each segment of the project is expected to take 4-5 days unless noted otherwise.

  • The contractor will start with patching work near the Lecompton/Lawrence exit. Much of this work will be in the center lane so it will be completed at night, between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. and will take 2-4 days. Traffic will be reduced to one lane when work is being completed in the center lane.
  • Following patching, overlaying will begin on the inside lanes during the day.
  • The center lane will then be overlayed. This will take place at night due to the need to close two lanes in order to safely do the work.
  • Work will then move to the outside lanes.
  • When all lane work is complete, the ramps at 197 will be overlayed, followed by sealing the shoulders along the entire project.
  • After a two-week window for the project to cure, roadway lines will be painted.

Drivers are encouraged to slow down and to stay focused on driving while in work zones.

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