Preparedness in case of catastrophe is emphasis for Kansas ‘prepper’ expo at Holton

Survival skills become most important should natural disaster occur.

Special training and knowledge to assist with that most serious need is now available to the public.

The Spring 2014 Kansas Prepper Expo, a survival and self-sufficiency program, is scheduled Saturday, May 3, at the Jackson County 4-H Building in Holton, according to Bobby Spagnuolo, Topeka, vice president of the Kansas Prepper Expo, which hosts two events annually.

In clarification, a “prepper” is defined as “a survivalist, or someone who focuses on preparedness for worst-case disasters.”

Blackthorn USA, a non-military nature based adventure school specializing in preparedness, bush craft and wilderness survival, will be there.

For the Holton event featuring more than 80 tables, and five educational programs, doors will open at 9 a.m.

“The Kansas Prepper Expo is a family friendly program that seeks to promote self-sufficiency, general preparedness for any disaster and a sense of community among Kansas preppers,” said Spagnuolo, who also serves as editor of the Kansas Prepper Expo newsletter.

There will be a freewill donation for participation in all of the day’s activities. “We believe in helping people further their knowledge in case of a disaster, and we intend to always keep admittance at a minimum,” Spagnuolo said.

Vendors will have a myriad of goods and services, including a nature-based adventure school specializing in preparedness, high tech solutions to homesteading, long term food and water storage, precious metals and bullion dealers, and military surplus, he said.

Five programs featuring “premier experts on key subject matter,” such as wilderness survival, are scheduled, Spagnuolo noted.

Two classes are planned during the morning, starting at 9:30, and on the hour, with a break for lunch at 11:30, and programs resume at 12:30, through the final one at 3. Registration is not required.

Among the prizes are an AR-15 rifle, one day classes to Blackthorn-USA, and several packages including knives, water bricks, a portable backpacker’s stove, 24-hour emergency kits, shelf stable food items and silver coins.

Information about the Kansas Prepper Expo Spring 2014 is available at, and on Facebook.

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