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Chicken Scratchin’s: Too many eggs means noodles and angel food cake

One of my favorite memories is Sunday dinner at grandma’s house. Every Sunday after church my grandparents’ table was filled with five rambunctious children eager to share their experiences from the past week. She always served a delicious dinner, all handmade with love. Grandma Williams made her grandchildren’s favorites week after week. My favorite was her homemade noodles, even though there were so many great dishes. Cabbage rolls, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and of course sugar cookies.  Every birthday was celebrated with angel food cake with pink frosting.

I was fortunate enough to have found a husband whose grandmother also made the best homemade noodles. Grandma Bunker had much the same following at her dinner table. She had everyone under her spell with the best pickled beans, kolaches, bierocks, and dumplings that could be had.


We love living in the country again and decided to raise some of our own food with a vegetable garden and chickens. Our six hens have free range when we are home and love scratching around the garden. They run up to the house to greet us and receive some friendly petting in return. We try to sell the extra eggs and stay ahead of them but sometimes they fill up the cartons faster than we can use them. When this happens we make our own egg noodles.

Using Grandma Bunker’s recipes, we mix up the noodles in a triple batch which allows enough egg whites for her angel food cake recipe. After the noodle mixture sets for a couple of hours we clear the counter and get the noodle machine out. A few cranks of the handle and we have a counter full of noodles drying. They can be frozen, but we almost always have to enjoy a pot of chicken or beef and noodles right then. Last month we had leftover turkey and noodles and they were hard to beat.

032413noodlescBecause I can’t bring myself to throw out a dozen egg whites, I turn the page of grandma’s cookbook and begin sifting flour for an angel food cake. This cake requires a little sifting and a lot of stirring but the results far exceed a store bought cake mix. It tastes like cotton candy and I am sure angels love it. You can also add chocolate, lemon or cherry flavoring for a change.

My fridge seems to fill with eggs this time of year, some will make a delicious cake to be served with fresh sliced strawberries, others will be hard boiled and dipped in spring colors. Soon it will be Easter Sunday, time to fill baskets with colored eggs and time to fill our hearts with memories of gathering around our grandmothers’ tables.

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