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Osage City couple wins $100,000 with scratch-off lottery ticket

052814-rookswinnersOSAGE CITY – An Osage City couple had an exciting start to their Memorial Day weekend. On May 23, Michelle and Mike Rooks purchased two Kansas Lottery $20 Pure Gold instant scratch tickets and won on both tickets.  One ticket was worth $20 and the other ticket won a top prize worth $100,000!

“Friday morning, Mike stopped to visit me at work and I asked him to buy the last two Pure Gold tickets, so I could put a new game in our Lottery dispenser,” explained Michelle Rooks, who is a convenience store manager. “He gave me one ticket to scratch and kept one for himself. He scratched the $20 winning ticket and I scratched the $100,000! We were so surprised and excited.”

“We about flipped our lids when we realized we had won $100,000,” said Mike Rooks.  “Michelle signed the back of the ticket and I kept it with me. Since I’m a police officer for the Osage City Police Department, I figured it was best I keep the ticket instead of her. On Saturday, we bought a fireproof safe and I’d put the ticket in there at night.”

Winning such a large prize at the start of a long holiday weekend made the couple a little nervous, so they agreed not to tell any friends or family until the ticket was claimed.

“We kept it quiet for a day before we had to tell our family and friends,” laughed Michelle. “We rarely buy lottery tickets and neither does our family, so no one believed us when we told them we’d won. Even after showing them the ticket some thought it was one of those fake tickets you see people getting pranked with.”

The Rookses, who have been married nearly a year, have five children between them. They plan to purchase a new vehicle and take a family vacation with a portion of their winnings.

The winning ticket was purchased at Aunt Dee’s BP, located at 110 Market St. in Osage City.

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