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Meet a local 4-Her: Kinsey Vande Velde, purple ribbon cookie baker

Kinsey interviews with the judge at the Overbrook fair, where she was awarded a purple ribbon for her cookies.

Kinsey Vande Velde has been a member of Lyndon Leaders 4-H Club for one year.

On projects taken to the fair, I got a purple ribbon on my Oatmeal Crispies cookies at the Overbrook fair, but I am not old enough to take them to the state fair. I got a blue on my No Bake Cookies at the Melvern fair. I learned how to read recipes and measure out ingredients as this was my first time of making cookies. I had fun with my grandma, who taught me how to bake.

Her favorite 4-H activity from her first year in 4-H was selling mums as a fundraiser.

Meet a local 4-Her: Karley Lowry, calf cuddlin’ Cloverbud

Karley Lowry is a Cloverbud member of Burlingame 4-H Club. Projects she has taken to the fair include cooking, bucket calf, swine and visual arts. Her favorite 4-H activity the past year has been showing her bucket calf, Buttercup. Her best 4-H memory helping her club with the community food drive.

Meet a local 4-Her: Allie Reeser, friend of Cayuga ducks

My name is Allie Reeser, and I’m a member of the Melvern Jr. Highline 4-H Club.  This is my fifth year in 4-H and my second year in poultry ducks.  In 2017 for my birthday, I received four babies Cayuga ducklings.  My dad built them a pen, and I began taking care of them every day.

This past spring, I received five more baby Cayuga ducks. Even though we have had to increase their pen sizes more and more, I love my ducks!

It was nice this year in having had one year’s experience of showing ducks, but I still didn’t feel like I knew enough, so we attended a conference in Manhattan on how to properly show and judge them. I have increased my poultry shows this year, participating in the spring poultry show in Burlington, where my duck received reserve grand champion; the Osage City fair, where my duck received grand champion; and at the Overbrook fair, where my duck received grand champion. I am becoming more confident in how to prepare my ducks for a show, so now I have begun to focus on showmanship and how to properly do this.

I am looking forward to expanding my poultry knowledge, and I have been studying for poultry judge at the Kansas State Fair. I can’t wait to see what next year holds for me in poultry!

Meet a local 4-Her: Bella Reeser, connoisseur of eclectic styles

My name is Bella Reeser, and I’m a member of the Melvern Jr. Highline 4-H Club. This is my second year in 4-H and my second year in clothing buymanship.

Clothing buymanship is a project that I absolutely love!  The objective of this project is to pick out an outfit and accessories for the lowest price, while at the same time finding multiple uses for it.

My outfit this year is one I love! It was initially purchased for my dance recital-jazz class, but I have found so many other uses for this beautiful dress.  I’m an eccentric dresser, so I plan on wearing this on Sundays to church, and I’m going to use it for my Halloween costume this fall when I dress up as a 50s girl.

We bought the dress, gloves, and bow from my dance instructor for $65, and I had the shoes already at home; so I was able to put together this whole outfit, including accessories for only $65. My family is so impressed with all the different uses I have planned for my outfit, and I’m so excited about the fairs to be over, so I can start wearing my new dress!!

I took this project to all three Osage County fairs and received a purple at the Melvern fair, and a blue at the Osage City and Overbrook fairs. I also modeled it for the Osage County Style Revue and received a blue there as well.  I am so excited to begin shopping for my outfit for next year!

Meet a local 4-Her: Breckyn Peterson’s best 4-H experiences are at the fair

Breckyn Peterson is a member of Lyndon Leaders 4-H Club, currently serving as club reporter.

At the fair, Breckyn’s swine project received a blue. She also participated in open dog class and received a purple.

Her favorite 4-H activity of the last year was participating in the fairs. She thinks it’s fun to hang out with your 4-H friends. She said her best 4-H memory for the last year was at achievement night, watching Dalton get a pie in the face.

Meet a local 4-Her: Brynna Peterson, carpenter in the making

Gary DeForeest helps Brynna with her woodworking project.

Brynna Peterson is a two-year member of Lyndon Leaders 4-H Club. Brynna took a woodworking project to the fair, along with participating in the swine project.

Brynna’s favorite activity for the year was participating in the woodworking project meetings with Gary DeForeest. She looked forward to using all the tools he had in the shop.

Her best 4-H memory this year was spending time with friends at the fairs.

Meet a local 4-Her: Allie Kneisler enjoys new challenges

My name is Allie Kneisler and I just finished my fourth year of 4-H. I am a member of the Lyndon Leaders 4-H Club and the club vice president.

I really enjoy 4-H and have learned a lot in the last four years. I have participated in the livestock judging contest and the skill-a-thon. I also participated in the fashion review this year.

I really enjoy trying new things in 4-H. This year I tried the wildlife project and enjoyed learning about an animal. I also really enjoy learning how to sew – this year I made two quilts, a pillow and an apron. I like working with the animals and showing them at the fairs. This year I also went to the Kansas State Fair and participated in crop judging.

I think my favorite things about 4-H are club meetings and spending time with my friends at the fair.

Meet a local 4-Her: Ethan Kneisler, enthusiastic member, young leader

My name is Ethan Kneisler and this is my fifth year in 4-H. I am the president of the Osage County 4-H Council and the treasurer of the Lyndon Leaders 4-H club.

My favorite thing about 4-H is working on the projects and working with my animals. This year I showed a heifer, steer and pigs.

I also like the different competitions that 4-H offers, like the skill-a-thon, livestock judging, and the favorite foods contest.

This is the first year for me to be in the leadership project and to be a junior leader for livestock and electrical. I enjoy helping our younger members in the club with their projects.

I really enjoy 4-H and I plan to keep showing animals and working on my different projects. I also enjoy the 4-H meetings and hanging out with my friends at the fairs.

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