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Chamber Chat: In the moment, in the know

Cathryn Houghton, Executive Director
Osage City Chamber of Commerce

Osage City is a pretty busy community with fun activities, businesses, infrastructure improvements and updates. How does a person stay connected, in the know, in the moment, up to speed? Several ways come to mind: Have coffee with a group of friends; follow Facebook and websites; read the local news; watch for posters in the storefronts; catch announcements on the community sign; join organizations. The Osage City Chamber of Commerce has recently established its website: A big thank you to Wayne White and Ashley Hards for accomplishing this task.

Joining an organization or a group (be it business, historical, church, school, library, civic) will rocket a person right into an event-filled lifestyle and bring satisfaction and knowledge through volunteering, researching, providing entertainment, food, services, fundraising, keeping past traditions alive and initiating new traditions, and promoting our city and other interests.

Speaking of joining – the Osage City Chamber of Commerce will begin its membership drive in January 2015. Chamber members can be as involved as much or as little as their schedules allow. I joined the Chamber as recent as six years ago. Like many, I thought a member had to have a business, or money to contribute, or grand ideas. Not so – one must have enthusiasm and love of community. One Chamber goal is to provide a network to keep businesses connected and informed; also to promote our community and businesses.

Annual meeting

Soon the Chamber begins a new year! An annual chamber meeting is scheduled for Jan. 31, 2015. More information will be forthcoming as plans are finalized. It will be an opportunity to review Chamber 2014 achievements and look forward to 2015’s new hopes and dreams. A time to celebrate!

Historical directory reprinted

The Osage County Historical Society has reprinted the 1887 Black & White Directory of Osage City (published by Amos Black and Charles White, J.V. Admire, Editor). The directory is filled with advertisements, plus the names, addresses, and occupations of the residents, and an abundance of city, county, and state information. The dedication page reads, in part: “This volume is respectfully dedicated to the liberal business men of Osage City whose advertisements appear in its pages.”

Still today, the success of the Chamber of Commerce is a direct reflection of our dedicated and generous business men and women of Osage City. Gratitude and hats off to all who join, support, contribute to the Chamber’s efforts and success. Because of you much is accomplished.

2015 Chamber officers elected

During the Dec. 16 meeting of the Osage City Chamber of Commerce, the nomination committee of Shannon Stevens, Joe Humerickhouse and Casey Mussatto presented 2015 nominations. The vote for 2015 officers was: Shannon Stevens (Whistlestop), president; Chandra Dunbar (USD 420/PTA), vice president; Ashley Hards, (Landmark Bank), treasurer; Cindy Wymore (Wymore Properties), secretary. Board members are Jodi Smith (Vintage Park), Wayne White (Osage County News); Casey Karnes (Osage Nursing Center); and Robyn Williams (Edward Jones).

Reminder of Osage County Senior Center usage guidelines

The Osage County Senior Center, 604 Market St., Osage City, is a favorite place for numerous local citizens to congregate during its regular hours, weekends and some evenings for several years. The center can be reserved up to one year prior to an event. For those reserving the center, a $50 donation is requested at the time the key is picked up. The rules acknowledgement sheet will include a statement on user responsibility for damages and the possibility of suspension of access for non-compliance.

Senior center director Byron Jordan said, “The rules must be consistently enforced across the board.”

For more information about reserving the senior center for an event, call 785-528-4906.


“Remember with the beginning of each new day to look to the future with hope and the confident expectation of good. Use the gift of memory to your benefit. Enjoy past experiences and remember life is what you make of it. Make it good.” John Schlageck, senior editor/writer, Kansas Farm Bureau, quote from Kansas Living, Winter 2014.

Osage City’s Got It! Totes

Requests for welcome bags are increasing. Currently, several Chamber members provide items for welcome totes that the city gives to new utility customers. The Chamber and the city jointly-supplied giveaway totes at the Kansas Sampler Festival were very popular and the supply was quickly depleted. After the first of 2015, in preparation for filling these requests, Thelma Humerickhouse and Cathryn Houghton will begin a campaign for items to include in the totes. In addition to including the Osage County tourism guide and the Osage City brochure, they look forward to receiving donations of coupons, restaurant menus, business fliers, tokens, promotional items, and announcements of upcoming events. Anyone wishing to contribute items, or add dates to the events calendar, please contact Thelma or Cathryn.

Dates to remember

  • January 13 – Chamber board meeting
  • January 20 – Chamber meeting – Installation of 2015 officers and annual budget to be presented at annual meeting.
  • January 31 – Osage City Chamber of Commerce annual meeting; speaker, introduction of 2015 officers and more.
  • February 10 – Chamber board meeting.
  • February 17 – Chamber meeting.
  • March 10 – Chamber board meeting.
  • March 17 – Chamber meeting.
  • Get ready for April events! (Smoke in the Spring BBQ, Twin Lake Cruisers car show, fly-in, city-wide garage sales.)

For more information, contact the Osage City Chamber of Commerce at PO Box 56, Osage City, KS, 785-528-4711 or 785-249-2153, or visit

Revised Jan. 9, 2015, to correct list of Chamber board members.

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