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Filings in Osage County Courthouse Dec. 15 – Dec. 19

The following information was compiled from records at the Osage County Courthouse Dec. 15 through Dec. 19, 2014.

Domestic Cases

Kara R. Schafer v. Theodore E. Schafer. Petition for divorce. Filed 12/15/14. 14DM250

Civil Cases

Wells Fargo Bank v. James Wells and Rebekah Wells. Mortgage foreclosure. Filed 12/15/14. Amount: $81,975.15 plus interest and costs. 14CV101

CitiMortgage v. John M. Ryan and Tammy N. Ryan. Mortgage foreclosure. Filed 12/18/14. Amount: $90,711.28 plus interest and costs. 14CV102


Pamela S. McCleary and Mark A. McCleary to Jeffery J.D. Bell and Echo Dawn Masenthin. Even Lots 56-72, Sixth Street, Rankin Addition, Quenemo.

Kenneth D. Rinehart and Beverly Jean Vestal to Craig W. Meier and Kristine K. Meier. Tract NE fr ¼ 3-15-16.

Mary Lee Irvin, Donald D. Irvin, Winifred A. Pierce, Charles D. Pierce, Larry D. Lincoln and Linda K. Lincoln to Jill A. Kitzman. Lots 11-36, Block 14, Original Carbondale.

James F. Russell and Janet S. Russell to Alex P. Rhoads and Emily D. Rhoads. Tract SE ¼ 4-15-16.

Secretary of HUD to Geffrey B. Dawson and Dawn M. Dawson. Tract Block 24, Original Carbondale.

Ralph E. Waldo and Christine L. Waldo to Rita M. Eraas and Robert Malott. Tract NE ¼ 5-14-17.

Vernon L. Bailey and Nicole D. Bailey to Rudolph J. Rottler Self Directed IRA. Tract Lot 24 LDL Investments LLC, Lyndon.

Christopher S. Lucas and Edy Lucas to David A. Crain and Leona M. Crain. Tract 1 and S 12’ Tracts 15 and 16 Lake Oshawno Estates #2.

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