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Letter to Editor: ECKAN assesses, then tackles community needs

Dear Editor:

I would like to highlight a few things that ECKAN (East Central Kansas Economic Opportunity Corporation) has begun to do to meet some of the needs identified in the 2015 ECKAN Community Needs Assessment. As they say it takes a village and of course funding …

Priority needs of all respondents:

  1. Affordable, quality vision care
  2. Affordable, quality dental care
  3. Affording nutritious groceries
  4. Affording groceries
  5. Local, quality dental care

  • 1. ECKAN partnered with Dr. Lenahan’s office; with donations we were able to provide seven individuals with eye exams and eye glasses.
  • 2. ECKAN partnered with Flint Hill Community Health Center in Emporia with a grant obtained through Emporia Community Foundation and CSBG funds to assist 16 individuals with needs ranging from oral exams, cleaning, fillings, extractions, partials and dentures.
  • 3. ECKAN continues to partner with Harvester’s to offer the Rural Mobile Food Pantry once per month. In 2015, we distributed 109,324 pounds of food to an average of 133 households or 372 individuals each month.
  • 4. See 3.
  • 5. Continued referrals to Flint Hills Community Health Center.

Priority needs of respondents with children ages 0-5 years old:

  1. School supplies
  2. Paying off debt
  3. Local, quality dental care
  4. Affordable, quality health care
  5. Local, quality health care
  • 1. ECKAN was given a grant by Jones Foundation to provide school supplies to 182 students.
  • 2. ECKAN has given out numerous referrals to Help House’s Good Sense Budget Course and Housing & Credit Counseling in Topeka.
  • 3. See 2. in first section
  • 4.-5. Referrals are made to Osage County Health Department and Flint Hills Community Health Center.

Thank you for your continued support and partnerships!


Kenna Burns
ECKAN Osage County Human Services Coordinator
785-528-5184, 530 Holliday St., Osage City, KS 66523

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