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Voters statewide flood caucus locations

Eager Republican voters kept volunteers busy signing them in for the Osage County Republican presidential caucus March 5, at the Osage County Senior Center.

Osage County’s registered voters turned out in droves for Kansas’ presidential caucuses March 5. Organized by the Osage County Republican Party, the local Republican caucus filled the Osage County Senior, at Osage City, center during the two-hour voting window, tallying a recent record of 579 votes cast. Area Democrats caucused at Highland Park High School, at Topeka, where the bleachers in the gymnasium were almost full of voters of state Senate District 19.


State Sen. Anthony Hensley, surrounded by voters of his Senate District 19, gets ready to announce Democratic caucus results as tallied by campaign officials.

Results of Osage County’s Republican caucus aligned with the statewide tally that put candidate Ted Cruz as winner in Kansas and Donald Trump coming in second place. Votes in Osage County were: Cruz, 260; Donald Trump, 149; Marco Rubio, 79; John Kasich, 50; Jeb Bush, 1; Carly Fiorina, 1; Ben Carson, 3; uncommitted, 1; provisional, 35. Local Republican Party officials said the total number of Osage County voters was more than twice the amount of voters in the 2012 presidential caucus.

At Highland Park High School, where approximately 1,000 people gathered for the caucus, tallies also echoed Kansas Democrats’ nod toward Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for president, with Hillary Clinton coming in second place. Votes at the Highland Park caucus were: Sanders, 559; Clinton, 336.

In statewide Democratic caucuses, Clinton had 12,593 votes, which earned her nine delegates, while Sanders tallied 26,637 votes and 24 delegates; with 39,230 total votes.

In Kansas’ Republican caucus, Cruz trumped Trump with 35,207 votes while Trump convinced 17,062 Kansas voters. Rubio took third with 12,189; Kasich 7,795; Carson, 511; Bush, 78; Fiorina, 32; uncommitted, 242; provisional, 6,204; total, 73,116.


The home team side chose Bernie Sanders as the Democratic presidential nominee, filling the bleachers at Highland Park High School’s gymnasium.

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