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Filings in Osage County Courthouse Nov. 21 – Nov. 25, 2016

The following information was compiled from records at the Osage County Courthouse Nov. 28 through Dec. 2, 2016.

Limited Cases

  • Portfolio Recovery v. Shona Ratzlaff. Recovery of money. Filed 11/30/16. Amount: $724.76, interest, costs and other. 16LM264
  • Credit Management Services v. Memi Williams. Recovery of money. Filed 12/2/16. Amount: $2,515.21, interest, costs and other. 16LM265

Domestic Cases

  • David A. Rendon v. Rebecca Rendon. Petiton for divorce. Filed 12/2/16. 16DM238


  • Osage County Sheriff to Burlingame Holding Company. Odd Lots 17-27, Block 1, Admire and Scott’s Addition, Osage City.
  • Heidi I. Koger to Landon Heward. Even Lots 8-16, Block 19, Original Osage City.
  • U.S. Bank to Jared H. Jegen and Jared H. Jengen. Lot 1 and N 1/2 Lot 3, Block 8, Coffman’s 2nd Addition, Overbrook.
  • FNMA to James L. Davenport and Deanna S. Davenport. S 1/2 Lots 17 and 18, Osage Land and Mining Company’s Addition, Osage City.
  • Chris J. Gambers and Kimberly K. Gambers to Robert D. Gregory. Tract NE 1/4 3-15-15.
  • Lighthouse Investments LLC to James North Carbondale Trust. Tract NW 1/4 26-14-15.
  • Aaron L. Mead and Maggie Mead to Joseph E. Cool III and Haylie Cool. Tract SE ¼ 16-15-17.
  • Gary D. Stahel Trust to Aaron L. Mead and Maggie Mead. Tract NW 1/4 16-14-17.
  • Michael R. Burkdoll and Jenny A. Burkdoll to Jordan Teig. Tract Block 8, Dodds and Martin’s Addition, Osage City.
  • Richard Johnson and Kathryn Johnson to Christopher Allen. Lots 4-8, Block 20, Original Lyndon.
  • Cynthia E. Wymore to Drake Legacy LLC. Lots 1 and 3, Block 3, Admire and Scott’s Addition, Lots 25 and 27, Block 11, Wetherell’s 1st Addition, E 1/2 Block 11, Dodds and Martin’s Addition, all Osage City.
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