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Overbrook Overlook: Winter weather requires extra clearance on residential streets

Winter weather street maintenance

To allow Overbrook city maintenance to clear snow adequately, please do not park on major access streets. And, if you do your own snow plowing please do not scrape the chip seal street surface with your plow. It can damage streets and put gravel into ditches and yards. Parking on residential streets – many of our residential streets have a hard surface only 20- 22 feet wide. Some are less than that. Our city adopts the Standard Traffic Ordinance created by the League of Kansas Municipalities as rules and regulations related to traffic within the city. Parking on both sides of a residential street is allowed unless marked otherwise, always requiring at least 10 feet for traffic passage. A standard automobile requires approximately 8 feet of clearance. To assure the 10 feet minimum cars must park off the hard surface a few feet onto the street easement. For the school bus or the city snowplow, more than 10 feet is required. Since we do not have curbs and sidewalks, many house yards extend all the way to the street surface. So, vehicles parking as required will be parked on that easement area. Being considerate of a homeowner’s lawn is always important but parking must follow the requirements.

2017 trash service

Previously, a holiday would move trash service from Friday to Saturday. In 2017, regular trash service will remain on Friday unless the holiday is on Friday, then service will be on Thursday, the day before the holiday. Recycle pick up days are every other Monday unless Monday is a holiday, then it’ll be on Tuesday, the day following the holiday.

Annual water and sewer rate increase

Per city ordinances, each calendar year through 2017, city water and sewer rates are increased 1 percent. Kansas Department of Health and Environment standards require the city to maintain a certain margin between actual cost of operation and income from the utilities. This change will be seen on February 2017 utility bills.

Overbrook Public Library

When the new library complex was constructed the community room was designated as a city facility and not actually a part of the library. That has now changed. The city owns the buildings housing both the library and the community room. However, the community room is now a part of the Overbrook Public Library complex and will be operated by the library. Tax deductible donations for library operations and improvements and, improvements to the community room can be made directly to the library. Stop by often and enjoy our library.

OPRC youth basketball

Overbrook Park and Recreation Commission reports that youth basketball (Scott Brown League) starts on Jan. 14. Game schedules can be seen on the Osage City website under the Parks and Rec tab.

Overbrook Betterment

Overbrook Betterment reports that contributions to “Community Chest” have met their goal. However, donations are still being accepted to assure that all needs are met. Thank you for your help.

City Hall Day

Overbrook elected officials meet with state legislators at “City Hall Day at the Capital” in Topeka on Jan. 25. This annual event creates good, ongoing relationships with our legislators.

Pet tags

Pet tags are due now. All dogs and cats require up to date shots and tags.

Information thanks to city of Overbrook.

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