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Filings in Osage County Courthouse March 20 – March 24, 2017

The following information was compiled from records at the Osage County Courthouse March 20 through March 24, 2017.

Domestic Cases

  • Kelsey Renea Fulton v. Charles Mathew Fulton. Petition for divorce. Filed 3/21/17. 17DM048

Limited Cases

  • Ransom Memorial Hospital v. Kevin L. Watkins and Brenda Watkins. Recovery of money. Filed 3/24/17. Amount: $666.10, interest, costs and other. 17LM051

State Tax Liens

  • State of Kansas v. Circle C Ranch KS LLC and Harlan K. Comer and Samantha K. Comer. State tax lien, sales tax. $751.03. Filed 3/22/17. 17ST018


  • Secretary of HUD to David R. Burk and Amanda D. Burk. S 100’ N 175’ Block 9, Dodd’s Addition, Osage City.
  • Secretary of HUD to Firooz Monshizadeh and Cynthia L. Monshizadeh. Lot 3, Devin Subdivision.
  • Envista Credit Union to FHLM. Tract SW 1/4 24-14-15.
  • Cynthia E. Wymore to Kathy L. Sandstrom. Lot 4, N 1/2 Lot 5 & S 1/2 vacated alley adjacent Lot 4, Block 10, Original Lyndon.
  • Barry A. Bronson and Theresa D. Bronson to Dana L. Bulmer and Debra D. Bulmer. Tract SW 1/4 20-16-16.
  • Jeremy Lingenfelter and Carrie Lingenfelter to Brent M. Hoelting and Andrea M. Hoelting. Tract SE 1/4 28-16-15.
  • Secretary of HUD to Jason Norton. W 1/2 Lots 16-18, Block 19, Original Lyndon.
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