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Osage County Fair honors Lusk as parade grand marshal

Ann Lusk was the grand marshal of the 2017 Osage County Fair parade; chauffeured by Lorraine Davis.

Longtime Osage City resident Ann Lusk was chosen as the 2017 Osage County Fair parade grand marshal.

Ann said that she is very honored and pleased to be asked to be the grand marshal. Osage City has always been an important place to her. She was born in a hospital in Osage City and lived on a farm near Olivet (now under the Melvern Lake). Osage City was the town where they went to buy tractors, groceries and clothes. She also enjoyed the skating rink and the regional basketball tournament.

After Harold and she were married, they opened a DeSoto dealership on Market Street. They bought the house where she lives now and where their children, James and Luree, grew up.

Harold was sheriff of Osage County and later chief of law enforcement for Kansas Fish and Game. When he retired, they began buying rental houses, of which Lusk Properties now has 25 rental houses in Osage City.

Ann has been president of many organizations, including Sorosis, Mothers’ Study Club, and Osage City PTA, and has been treasurer of just about everything. Ann said, “In 89 years you get a lot of things done.”

Ann said she would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for choosing her to be the parade grand marshal and it will be a treasured memory.

Information thanks to Jeanette Swarts and the Osage City Chamber of Commerce.

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