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Letter to Editor: Schools should cut out favoritism and give all kids a chance

Dear Editor:

I was at the Dec. 19 game at MdCV school in Melvern, Kan. It was Lebo versus MdCV in basketball. Remind you my kids do not go to neither of the schools (and I thank the Lord for that.) But I was in the hallway before you get to the big gym. I overheard a mother ask the superintendent what school he recommended her to take her child to where her son could play more than two minutes on the floor or field.

What I heard and verified with the mother: The superintendent told her the coaches put the best players on the court and field during football and basketball because they want to win.

She then stated that she thought it was about learning the game and getting better. The superintendent said no in this community it’s about winning! (you never hear about teams that lose is pretty much how he was putting it.)

I have seen that MdCV has two eighth-graders playing on junior varsity, when they should be playing on varsity, and four seventh-graders playing on varsity, when they should be playing junior varsity. They talk about winning! Is that what the world has come to? No sportsmanship, no learning, so they can be better.

So they want students to get better, right? How is that going to happen when it’s obvious the coaches aren’t working with them or even care if they show up to the game (talk about the ones that need practice to get better.) Those kids will just end up on the sideline the entire game or get to go in for less than two minutes that whole game. Why don’t they work with the middle school kids, every one of them? So when they get to ninth-grade they will be great at the game!

MdCV needs to write an apology letter to this family. The mom spent $155 on apparel to support the school. But she said it will never happen again – which I can’t blame her. They also want her to pay $21.50 for the shirt for basketball. If I was this family I wouldn’t give them $0.01 for it after this. They should donate it to that child for all that they have done.

And then the school wonders why children that attended do not have high self-esteem. But could you imagine why these children want to learn and play sports and they get thrown on the back burner because they’re not good enough. All MdCV is doing is tearing down innocent kids. They shouldn’t worry about middle school winning, they should worry about teaching these kids how to be better at the sport so when they become freshman they will have a better chance at winning. And by the way for being worried about winning, hey MdCV how is it you haven’t won every game? You might want to yell at them for not winning or throw the clipboard down on the ground or court while yelling at the kids.

So if anyone has information that I can give to this family about summer camps for football and basketball please leave a message in the comment section below. Let’s come together and help this family out. I will be in contact with this family for the rest of my life.

And for the girls team it isn’t any better. A sixth-grader that plays – her dad is the coach. She should be on junior varsity not the varsity team. I see a lot of favoritism in the school district which back in my day none of this went on MdCV, and to any other school doing this, get your act together.

I will be calling this mother after the holidays to see how things are going. Thanks for reading. Let’s shine the light on the schools that are doing favoritism and not giving all children a fair opportunity.

Jennifer Boeck

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