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A Cowboy’s Faith: Health shutdown historically significant

A Cowboy's Faith: Click to read more from Frank J. Buchman.“This is turning back the pages of time.”

It’s considerably different, yet all of the recent heath and economic issues have a certain semblance of days gone by.

Before today’s many forms of social media, communication beyond immediate acquaintances was vastly limited. Hard for young people nowadays to even imagine no cell phone, no computer, not even a television, or a mailman.

Likewise forefathers would have never been able to envision all of the modern day technologies. Telegraph machines of the 1800s boggled minds before radios and telephones were invented.

While all may seem old fashioned to the present they were slow coming into some rural households.

Families were proud to be the first one in the county to have a radio. Then they got a telephone, vastly different than cell phones.

Televisions with only black and white pictures were uncommon to many 60 years ago as color came later.

This required electricity, an unknown luxury in great grandparents’ time. Tall poles with powerlines created fear but lights with a switch soon healed concerns as additional conveniences followed.

Letter writing is sadly becoming a thing of the past although many decades since the Pony Express initiated mail delivery.

Penny postcards received by an acquaintance all the way across the country the next day has been nonexistent for some time. Yet postal services are far unappreciated communication means.

Hoarding of toilet tissue was unimaginable for earlier generation families without in-home toilets. Outhouses were the place to go when nature’s call came with old mail catalog pages remembered as common wipe.

Transportation has come a long ways since horsepower, then trains and motor powered vehicles. Driving is so common, most cannot comprehend not having such ready travel mode unless forbidden by certain incapacities.

Driverless cars and farm machinery are being used in some locales appearing efficiently effective despite safety concern.

Recent rulings ordering limited exposure to others have canceled events bringing economics to near standstill. Travel in all forms has drastically reduced.

When communications and travel were far less accessible in the previous century people stayed home.

It was a special occasion visiting others, seeing friends and family, even to go shopping. Issues brought by health concerns have been felt before.

Reminded of Ecclesiastes 1: 8: “There’s nothing new on this earth. It’s the same old thing.”

030615-franksmug2Frank J. Buchman is a lifelong rancher from Alta Vista, a lifetime newspaper writer, syndicated national ag writer and a radio marketing consultant. He writes a weekly column to share A Cowboy’s Faith.

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