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Celebrate your family during Family Day

There is at least one thing that all parents can do to help their kids grow up healthy: get involved. Research shows that teens are less likely to drink, smoke or use drugs when they feel that their parents are actively involved in their lives. On the last Monday in September, Drug Free Osage County is inviting everyone to celebrate Family Day. Family Day was founded by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, to celebrate the positive influences that parents have on their kids.

Finding time to connect isn’t always easy. But, the simple, little things you do with your kids each day make a difference. Although our world is a little different right now, these activities still create strong, healthy relationships that can have a big impact on things like preventing future drug use. Supportive relationships with children are also linked to strong social skills, better judgment, self-confidence, improved school performance, increased self-control, and resilience.

Research done by The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse has consistently found a relationship between children having frequent dinners with their parents and a decreased risk of their smoking, drinking or using other drugs. It is important for kids to know that there is someone who will listen and help them make good choices. It is also important to start early. If kids aren’t used to talking to you about their day when they are 8 or 10, it is harder to start at 12 or 14.

In addition to sharing a meal, play a game, go for a walk, work on a project, or even run an errand together. Ask your kids about their day, share a story, have a conversation. For tips, activities and ideas, visit www.casafamilyday.org. Make every day Family Day.

Information thanks to Drug Free Osage County.

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